Series Silicone Resin Powder

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Series Silicone Resin Powder
Series Silicone Resin Powder
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Series silicone resin powder has multiple applications. First, it can be used in synthetic resin to improve the wear resistance, resistance to adhesive as well as smooth performance in epoxy resin, acrylic, polyester and ABS. Second, it can be applied to rubber to improve its abrasion resistance and water resistance. Third, it can be used in light diffusion plate and film due to excellent light diffusivity. Fourth, it can be used in paint ink to improve the lubrication, the dispersity and hydrophobicity. Finally, it can also be applied to plastic film and plastic board to prevent adhesion and maintain transparency of the plastic film.


1. Plastic film and plastic board: prevent adhesion and maintain plastic film (PP, PE, PET) transparency. Improve the surface smoothness, maintain good heat sealing property.
2. Rubber: strengthening the surface smoothness, improve the rubber abrasion resistance and water resistance.
3. Light difusion plate, light diffusion film: Through the PC, polystyrene, such as the combination of acrylic resin give its excellent light diffusivity, but also through the added to the spraying give its membrane light spreading.
4. Synthetic resin: improving the wear resistance, resistance to adhesive, smooth performance in epoxy resin, acrylic, polyester and ABS.
5. Paint,ink: improving lubrication, the dispersity and hydrophobic. Improve the surface smoothness and inferior smooth feeling.

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