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Product Name:Methylene Chloride
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Methylene chloride is used principally as a solvent in paint removers. It is also used as an aerosol propellant, processing solvent in the manufacture of steroids, antibiotics, vitamins, and tablet coatings; as a degreasing agent; in electronics manufacturing; and as a urethane foamblowing agent. Methylene chloride is also used in metal cleaning, as a solvent in the production of polycarbonate resins and triacetate fibers, in film processing, ininkformulations, and as anextraction solvent for spice oleoresins, caffeine, and hops. It was once registered for use in the United States as an insecticide for commodity fumigation of strawberries, citrus fruits, and a variety of grains. Methylene chloride has been used as a blowing agent for foams and as a solvent for many applications, including coating photographic films, pharmaceuticals, aerosol formulations, and to a large extent in paint stripping formulations. It is used as a solvent in a number of extraction processes, where its high volatility is desirable. It has high solvent power for cellulose esters, fats, oils, resins, and rubber, and is more water soluble than most other chlorinated solvents. Formulations for paint stripping may contain other solvents as well as methylene chloride and are frequently found outside the workplace. These formulations often contain other ingredients that retard evaporation and in the process increase the likelihood of skin irritation.

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