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Product Name:ETHYLENE
Synonyms:ethylene,refrigeratedliquid(cryogenicliquid);etileno;Liquid ethyene;liquidethyene;liquidethylene;Olefiant gas;olefiantgas;R1150
Mol File:74-85-1.mol


Ethylene, also called ethane, is a colorless,inflammable gas, CH2:CH2, produced in thecracking of petroleum. Ethylene liquefies at–68.2°C. Ethylene is the largest-volume organicchemical produced today, and is the basic buildingblock of the petrochemical industry. Polymerizationof ethylene is its largest use. Whenethylene is reacted in the presence of transitionmetal catalysts, such as Mo2O5 or Cr2O3, at highpressures, it forms low-density polyethylene(LDPE); at lower pressures, high-density polyethylene(HDPE) is produced. Recently, lowpressures have been employed for making a newvariant, linear low-density polyethylene(LLDPE). Ethylene is now used to produce ethylalcohol, acrylic acid, and styrene, and it is thebasis for many types of reactive chemicals.Trichloroethylene is a colorless liquid ofpleasant odor of the composition CHCl:CCl2,also known as westrosol. Its boiling point is87°C and its specific gravity 1.471. It is insolublein water and is unattacked by dilute acidsand alkalis. It is non flammable and is less toxicthan tetrachlorethane. Trichloroethylene is apowerful solvent for fats, waxes, resins, rubber,and other organic substances, and is employedfor the extraction of oils and fats, for cleaningfabrics, and for degreasing metals preparatoryto plating. The freezing point is –88°C, and itis also used as a refrigerant. It is also used insoaps employed in the textile industry fordegreasing.

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