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Product Name:Sodium acetate trihydrate
Synonyms:Acetic acid, sodium salt trihydrate, for analysis;Acetic acid, sodium salt trihydrate, for analysis ACS;Acetic acid sodium trihydrate;Acetic acid sodium·trihydrate;Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, Acs-100.5%;Acetic acid, sodium salt trihydrate, for analysis ACS, 99+%;SodiuM Acetate (AS);SodiuM Acetate, Trihydrate, HPLC Grade
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Sodium acetate trihydrate is the trihydrate sodium salt oaf acetic acid. In the food industry, sodium acetate is used as an acidity regulator, emulsifier, and preservative. It can give potato chips a salt and vinegar flavor. In pharmaceutical industry, it is used for replenishing lost electrolytes, as a diuretic, and in reusable heating pads and hand warmers. Sodium acetate trihydrate can be used to neutralize the industrial mineral acids discharge. In the textile and synthetic rubber production, it is used to neutralize sulfuric acids, facilitate aniline dye take up, and protect aniline day. In the leather industry, it is used as a buffering agent for leather tanning. Furthermore, sodium acetate trihydrate is used as buffers in the production of cosmetics and petroleum products and in electroplating industry.

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