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Product Name:Toluene
Synonyms:caswellno859;cp25;Dracyl;Methane, phenyl-;methyl-benzen;Monomethyl benzene;NCI-C07272;TOLUNE
Mol File:108-88-3.mol


Toluene is a component of gasoline, paints, inks, lacquers, paint thinners, adhesives, fingernail polish, cleaning agents, and rubber. BTX (a mixture of benzene, toluene, and xylene) is added to gasoline to improve octane ratings. Toluene is used to produce benzene, trinitrotoluene (TNT), nylon, plastics, and polyurethanes. It is also used in production of drugs of abuse. Toluene is a favorite of solvent abusers, who intentionally inhale high concentrations to achieve a euphoric effect. It is used in the production of pharmaceuticals, dyes, and cosmetic nail products. It is used against roundworms and hookworms. Detailed applications are summarized here: Industry Applications Role/Benefit Chemical manufacture Production of benzene and dimethyl benzene Main feedstock Production of benzoic acid The oxidation products of toluene Production of benzene chloromethane or benzene trichloromethane The chlorination products of toluene Production of p-nitrotoluene or o-nitrotoluene The nitration products of toluene Production of o-toluenesulfonic acid or p-toluenesulfonic acid The sulfonation products of toluene Gasoline High-octane gasoline Used as octane booster to increase the octane value of gasoline Adhesives manufacture Carpet adhesive solvents Good solubility for adhesive Chemical analysis ICP-AES, AAS, AFS, ICP-MS and ion chromatography Stander material Titration analysis Stander solution Biology Hemoglobin extraction Help to break or disrupt red blood cells Cosmetic and personal care Nail products Added to help the evaporation of solvents Others Paint, varnish, lacquer, adhesive,nitrocellulose and ink Solvents and diluents Production of saccharin, dyes, drugs and explosives,etc. Raw material

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