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A master alloy of titanium with iron, ferrotitaniumis used as a purifying agent for irons andsteel owing to the great affinity of titanium forO2 and N2 at temperatures above 800°C. The value of the alloy is as a cleanser, and little orno titanium remains in the steel unless the percentageis gauged to leave a residue. The ferrocarbontitanium is made from ilmenite in theelectric furnace, and the carbon-free alloy ismade by reduction of the ore with aluminum.Ferrotitanium comes in lumps, crushed, orscreened, and it is used for ladle additions forcleansing steel. Low-carbon ferrotitanium isused as a deoxidizer and as a carbide stabilizerin high-chromium steels. Graphidox improvesthe fluidity of steel, increases machinability,and adds a small amount of titanium to increasethe yield strength, and the Grainal alloys whichare used to control alloy steels and have variouscompositions.MnTi is used as a deoxidizer for high-gradesteels and for nonferrous alloys.NiTi is used for hard nonferrous alloys andcolumbium is used for adding columbium tosteel. It has an exothermic reaction that preventschilling of the molten metal.

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