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Synonyms:SILVER LACTATE;SILVER(I) LACTATE;LACTIC ACID SILVER SALT;SILVER LACTATE, FOR HISTOLOGY;Silver lactate solution, Ag 4-5% w/w (cont. Ag);Lactic acid silver(I) salt;Silver lactate,96%;Silver lactate 97%
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Silver lactate is the silver salt of lactate. Silver lactate is a drug that can be used as antimicrobial agent in the external application. This is due to the effect of silver ion in killing bacteria via inhibiting respiratory pathway, destroying cell wall, impairing essential enzymes, obstructing metabolic activity and/or cause DNA stress. Its application in the treatment of thermal burn has been reported, thus being made into cream. Study has also found that it can decrease superoxide anion formation and chemotaxis in human polymorphonuclear leucocytes. Silver lactate staining can also be applied to the von Kossa reactions for calcium deposits to increases sensitivity and reduces background.

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