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Product Name:Aristolochic acid
Synonyms:Aristolochic acid Ⅰ;nsc-50413;tardolyt;8-METHOXY-6-NITROPHENANTHROL(3,4-D)-1,3-DIOXIDE-5-CARBOXYLIC ACID;ARISTOLOCHIC ACID;ARISTOLOCHIC ACID A;ARISTOLOCHIC ACID I;Aristolochic acid, mixture of I and II, 96%
Mol File:313-67-7.mol


Confirmed carcinogen. Poison by ingestion, intraperitoneal, and intravenous routes. Mutation data reported. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of NO,. Potentially Toxic Chemicals: April 1982." Vol. 5 No. 1: The Ministry of Health of the Federal Republic of Germany has withdrawn from the national market drugs containing aristolochic acid. The decision resulted from the demonstration of a carcinogenic potential in a three-month ingestion toxicity study undertaken in rats. Aristolochic acid is claimed to promote phagocytosis and to have immunostimulant activity. A growth-inhibiting effect on experimentally induced tumors has been described, but this effect has not been shown to have any clinical relevance. Extracts of species of Aristolochiacea have tradtionally been used as a bitter, and a broad range of therapeutic effects has been claimed.

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