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Product Name:Aluminum ammonium sulfate
Synonyms:aluminiumammoniumsulfate;aluminumammoniumalum;exsiccatedammoniumalum;monoammoniummonoaluminumsulfate;sulfuricacid,aluminumammoniumsalt;Sulfuricacid,aluminumammoniumsalt(2:1:1);ǎn míng fán;aluminumammoniumdisulfate
Mol File:7784-25-0.mol


Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate is a general purpose food additive that functions as a buffer and neutralizing agent. its solubility is 1 g in 7 ml of water at 25°c and 1 g in 0.3 ml of boiling water. it is used in baking powders.

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