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Product Name:Tosyl cyanide
Synonyms:p-Toluenesulfonyl cyanide technical grade, 95%;Toluene-4-sulphonylcyanide,tech;P-TOLYLSULFONYL CYANIDE;p-toluenesulphonyl cyanide;P-TOLUENESULFONYL CYANIDE;TOSYL CYANIDE;4-Toluenesulfonyl Cyanide;P-TOLUENESULFONYL CYANIDE, TECH., APPROX . 95%
Mol File:19158-51-1.mol


Tosyl cyanide is used in a free-radical cyanation of B-alkylcatecholboranes.Also used as a component in a hetero-Diels-Alder reaction with 1,3-bis-silyl enol ethers leading to 4-hyroxypyridines.

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