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DescriptionBeryllium phosphite can have the formulas of either Be(OH)HPO3 or Be(OH)(H2PO3)2. It is the former that appears when phosphorous acid is reacted with the oxide, hydroxide or carbonate:
BeO (s) +H3PO3 (aq) ? [Be(OH)]2HPO3
The product is the hydrogen phosphite. If the sodium salt is employed, then the product is likely to be the phosphite:
BeO (s) + Na3PO3 ? [Be(OH)]3PO3
On heating, it decomposes around 400°C to form the pyrophosphite:
3[Be(OH)]3PO3 + heat ? Be3(PO3)2 = {Be3P2O6} + 3H2 + PH3
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