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Company Name: Wuhan kamik Technology Co., Ltd  
Tel: 18062587608
Email: 201981259@qq.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Permanent Yellow
Company Name: Hangzhou Yingshanhua Pigment Chemicals Co.,Ltd.  
Tel: 0571-82170888
Email: Export@yshpigment.com
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Company Name: Shanghai Yalian Pigment Chemicals Co.,Ltd,  
Tel: 021-62153253
Email: yalian@yalianchem.com
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Company Name: Hangzhou Star-up Pigment Co., Ltd.  
Tel: 0571-82173888 82173777
Email: info@staruppigment.com
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Company Name: Zhejiang Shengda Charter Win Chemical Co., Ltd.  
Tel: 86-571-82170588 82170788
Email: shengda@shengda-chem.com
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Barium carbonate Permanent Yellow H3G Phthalocyanine blue Permanent Yellow 2GS-W Permanent Yellow 5GX Permanent Yellow GRP Pigment Permanent Yellow HRT Permanent Yellow G-618 Permanent Yellow HR-A Permanent Yellow GW Permanent Yellow 2G Permanent Yellow 5GF-02 Permanent Yellow HR-OP Permanent Yellow GR-R C.I.Pigment Yellow 81 Iron Oxide Green Iron oxide Permanent Yellow 2GS