Turbine oil

Turbine oil Suppliers list
Company Name: Wuhan canos Technology Co., Ltd  
Tel: 027-83238443
Email: 926254131@qq.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Turbine oil
Purity:99% Package:170kg/
Company Name: Hubei coward chemical co .,ltd  
Email: m15327105076_1@163.com
Products Intro: Package:1kg/20;100kg/1300;1000kg/
Company Name: Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu High-Tech  
Tel: 0510-87685555;0510-87681077
Email: jsgk@jsgaoke.com;jsgk@jsgaoke.com
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Company Name: Changshou Kaisi Oil Chemical Company Limited.  
Tel: 0512-52541133;0512-52541561
Email: nikon11@163.com;nikon11@163.com
Products Intro:
Company Name: ShangHai PingYiao Trading Co.,Ltd  
Tel: 021-64705533
Email: sales@pingyiao.com
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Product Name:Turbine oil
Synonyms:Turbine oil
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