ACID YELLOW 34 (C.I. 18890)

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Company Name: Riedel-de Haen AG  
Tel: 800 558-9160
Products Intro: CAS:6359-90-6
Company Name: SIGMA-RBI  
Tel: 800 736 3690 (Orders)
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Company Name: Service Chemical Inc.  
Tel: 888-895-6920
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Company Name: SKC Inc.  
Tel: 724-941-9701
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Company Name: International Laboratory Limited   
Tel: +1 (650) 278-9963
Products Intro: Product Name:ACID YELLOW 34 (C.I. 18890)
ACID YELLOW 34 (C.I. 18890) Basic information
Product Name:ACID YELLOW 34 (C.I. 18890)
Synonyms:4-Chloro-3-[4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-4-(phenylazo)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl]benzenesulfonic acid sodium salt;C.I.18890;Benzenesulfonic acid, 4-chloro-3-[4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-4-(phenylazo)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl]-, monosodium salt;Benzenesulfonic-4-chloro-3-[4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-4-(phenylazo)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl] monosodium salt;C.I. Acid yellow 34, monosodium salt;Fast light yellow D3ga;Wool Yellow 3GL Conc;Fabracid Yellow S 3GL
Product Categories:Organics
Mol File:6359-90-6.mol
ACID YELLOW 34 (C.I. 18890) Structure
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ACID YELLOW 34 (C.I. 18890) Usage And Synthesis
Preparationaniline diazo, and 4-Chloro-3-(3-methyl-5-oxo4,5-dihydropyrazol-1-yl)benzenesulfonic acid coupling.
Properties and Applicationsbrilliant yellow. Soluble in water for yellow, soluble in soluble fiber element, slightly soluble in alcohol. The strong sulfuric acid for green light yellow, diluted discoloration; In strong hydrochloric acid for green light yellow. In water solution to join 10% sodium hydroxide solution red after a slightly deepened. Used for wool, silk, vinegar and polyamide fiber dyeing and printing directly, also used for paper, leather shading. The Barium salt can be used for resin coating and color.
Standard Light Fastness Soaping Persperation Fastness Oxygen bleaching Fastness to seawater
Fading Stain Fading Stain Fading Stain
ISO 7 2 2 2 1
ACID YELLOW 34 (C.I. 18890) Preparation Products And Raw materials
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