Hexanoic acid, 3-cyano-5-methyl-, (3S)-

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Company Name: Hubei Yangxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.  
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Products Intro: CAS:181289-37-2
Purity:99% HPLC Package:10mg-25mg-50mg-100mg
Hexanoic acid, 3-cyano-5-methyl-, (3S)- Basic information
Product Name:Hexanoic acid, 3-cyano-5-methyl-, (3S)-
Synonyms:Hexanoic acid, 3-cyano-5-methyl-, (3S)-;Pregabalin 3-Cyano (S)-Isomer;(S)-3-Cyano-5-methylhexanoic Acid
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Mol File:181289-37-2.mol
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Hexanoic acid, 3-cyano-5-methyl-, (3S)- Usage And Synthesis
Uses(S)-3-Cyano-5-methylhexanoic Acid is an intermediate in the enantioselective preparation of α,?β-?unsaturated imides and α-?Hydroxy Enones, as well as a reagent in the manufacturing of Pregabalin(P704800).
Hexanoic acid, 3-cyano-5-methyl-, (3S)- Preparation Products And Raw materials
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