Fluoro-carbon paint

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Company Name: Henan Weituxi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.  
Tel: 0371-63284658; 18135795563
Email: 2885349392@qq.com
Products Intro: Purity:98% Package:100mg;500mg;1g;5g;25g
Company Name: Changzhou Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd  
Tel: 0519-86649494 86663943
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Company Name: Yixing City, China Chemical Materials Plant  
Tel: 0510-87205000
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Company Name: Shanxi Baotashan Paint Co.Ltd.  
Tel: +86-29-38811111
Email: baotashan@baotashan.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Fluoro-carbon paint
Company Name: Quzhou Wentian Chemical Co., Ltd  
Tel: 0570-3083319 13362016666
Email: wentian2005@163.com
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