3144 Lisol Red R

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Company Name: Hangzhou Advance Technology Co., Ltd.  
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Email: 195225269@qq.com
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Company Name: Hangzhou Yingshanhua Pigment Chemicals Co.,Ltd.  
Tel: 0571-82170888
Email: Export@yshpigment.com
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Company Name: Hangzhou Multicolor Chemical Co., Ltd  
Tel: +86-571-82727289, 82753876
Email: sales@chinadyespigment.com
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Company Name: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Qianjin Chemical Co., Ltd.  
Tel: 0571-57138823 57138836
Email: info@qj-chem.com
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Company Name: Liwang Chemical (Nantong) Co.,Ltd.  
Tel: 0513-86592888-811
Email: pigment_liwang@lwchem.com
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