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DescriptionStrontium phosphite can have the molecular formula of SrHPO3 or Sr(H2PO3)2. It is the former that appears when a solution of phosphorous acid is reacted with the oxide, hydroxide or carbonate:
SrO +H3PO3 ? SrHPO3 +H2O
The product is a hemimonohydrate, i.e. SrHPO3· 1.5H2O. It can also be prepared by the action of ammonium phosphite on strontium chloride:
SrCl2 (aq) +NH4HPO3 (aq) ? SrHPO3·1.5H2O +NH4Cl2 (aq)
PreparationThe dihydrogen phosphite compound is prepared by reaction of strontium carbonate and sodium phosphite: SrCO3 + 2NaH2PO3 (aq)0Sr(H2PO3)2 (aq) + 2NaOH (aq) + CO2 The salt is soluble in solution and is evaporated via vacuum. In contrast, the monohydrogen compound is relatively insoluble in water. Very little information on these compounds is available in the scientific or technical literature.
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