Basic lead chromate orange

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Company Name: Hubei Qifei Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd  
Tel: 027-59322506- ;027-59322506-
Products Intro: CAS:1344-38-3
Purity:99% HPLC Package:25KG;200KG;5KG;1KG;1T Remarks:1344-38-3
Company Name: Allians-Yug  
Tel: +38-0482-341275; +38-0482-378854
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Basic lead chromate orange Basic information
Product Name:Basic lead chromate orange
Synonyms:Basic lead chromate orange;Pigment orange 21 (C.I. 77601);C.I. Pigment Orange 21;Genuine Orange Chrome;International Orange 2221;Irgachrome Orange OS;Light Orange Chrome;No. 156 Orange Chrome
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Basic lead chromate orange Structure
Basic lead chromate orange Chemical Properties
EPA Substance Registry SystemC.I. Pigment Orange 21 (1344-38-3)
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Basic lead chromate orange Usage And Synthesis
Basic lead chromate orange Preparation Products And Raw materials
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