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2-chloro-1,1-difluoro-ethane Basic information
Product Name:2-chloro-1,1-difluoro-ethane
Synonyms:Difluorochloroethane;R-142;Ethane, chlorodifluoro-
Product Categories:refrigerants
Mol File:25497-29-4.mol
2-chloro-1,1-difluoro-ethane Structure
2-chloro-1,1-difluoro-ethane Chemical Properties
Boiling point 14.25°C (rough estimate)
density 1.1180 (estimate)
refractive index 1.3704 (estimate)
EPA Substance Registry SystemChlorodifluoroethane (25497-29-4)
Safety Information
HazardClass 2.2
MSDS Information
2-chloro-1,1-difluoro-ethane Usage And Synthesis
General DescriptionColorless odorless gases. Insoluble in water. Used as refrigerant, synthesis, solvents.
Air & Water ReactionsHighly flammable. Insoluble in water.
Reactivity ProfileCHLORODIFLUOROETHANE is chemically inert in many situations, but can react violently with strong reducing agents such as the very active metals and the active metals. Can react with strong oxidizing agents or weaker oxidizing agents under extremes of temperature.
Health HazardVapors may cause dizziness or asphyxiation without warning. Some may be irritating if inhaled at high concentrations. Contact with gas or liquefied gas may cause burns, severe injury and/or frostbite. Fire may produce irritating and/or toxic gases.
Fire HazardEXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Will be easily ignited by heat, sparks or flames. Will form explosive mixtures with air. Vapors from liquefied gas are initially heavier than air and spread along ground. CAUTION: Hydrogen (UN1049), Deuterium (UN1957), Hydrogen, refrigerated liquid (UN1966) and Methane (UN1971) are lighter than air and will rise. Hydrogen and Deuterium fires are difficult to detect since they burn with an invisible flame. Use an alternate method of detection (thermal camera, broom handle, etc.) Vapors may travel to source of ignition and flash back. Cylinders exposed to fire may vent and release flammable gas through pressure relief devices. Containers may explode when heated. Ruptured cylinders may rocket.
2-chloro-1,1-difluoro-ethane Preparation Products And Raw materials
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