Danshensu Sodium Salt

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Company Name: Sigma-Aldrich  
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Email: orderCN@merckgroup.com;orderCN@merckgroup.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Danshensu sodium salt
Purity:>=98% (HPLC) Package:5MG Remarks:SML0679-5MG
Company Name: Target molecule Corp.  
Tel: 857-239-0968
Email: service1@targetmol.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Sodium Danshensu
Purity:98% Package:10mg;50mg;200mg;;;
Company Name: Chengdu Alfa Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.  
Tel: 028-85142057
Email: 3005359975@qq.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Sodium Danshensu
Purity:98%(HPLC) Package:10mg;20mg;100mg;1g
Company Name: PCL - Business, Laboratory Pharmaceutical  
Email: Hu.xinyue@purechemland.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Sodium danshensu
Company Name: Shanghai Hao Biological Technology Co., Ltd.  
Tel: 021-80370006;021-80370006
Email: market@xlswkj.com;market@xlswkj.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Danshensu sodium salt
Danshensu Sodium Salt Basic information
Product Name:Danshensu Sodium Salt
Synonyms:Danshensu Sodium Salt;Sodium Dahshensu;(R)-(+)-3-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenyl)lactic acid;(R)-α,3,4-Trihydroxy-benzenepropanoic acid sodium salt;3-(3′,4′-Dihydroxyphenyl)-(2R)-lactic acid sodium salt;DS 182;Salianic acid A;(R)-Sodium Danshensu
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Mol File:81075-52-7.mol
Danshensu Sodium Salt Structure
Danshensu Sodium Salt Chemical Properties
storage temp. 2-8°C
solubility H2O: soluble20mg/mL, clear
form powder
color white to beige
optical activity[α]/D +30 to +40°, c = 1 in H2O
Safety Information
WGK Germany 3
MSDS Information
Danshensu Sodium Salt Usage And Synthesis
UsesSodium Danshensu is exhibits protective effects on the excitotoxicity of monosodium glutamate in the late stage of pregnancy on developing mouse fetal brain.
Danshensu Sodium Salt Preparation Products And Raw materials
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