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Company Name: Shaanxi Dideu Medichem Co. Ltd
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Company Name: Henan DaKen Chemical CO.,LTD.
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Products Intro: Product Name:Ciclopirox
Purity:99.00% Package:100g,500g,1KG,10KG,100KG
Company Name: Shanghai Bojing Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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Products Intro: Product Name:Ciclopirox
Purity:99% Package:1Kg;25kg/ Drum or as customer request
Company Name: Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0371-55170693
Products Intro: Product Name:29342-05-0
Purity:0.99 Package:25KG,5KG;1KG;500G
Company Name: career henan chemical co
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Products Intro: Product Name:Ciclopirox
CAS: 29342-05-0
Purity:99% Package:1kg;7USD

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  • Ciclopirox
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  • 2020-05-13
  • CAS:29342-05-0
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  • Purity: 99%
  • Supply Ability: 50 tons
  • Ciclopirox
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  • 2020-02-26
  • CAS: 29342-05-0
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  • Ciclopirox
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  • 2019-07-06
  • CAS: 29342-05-0
  • Min. Order: 1kg
  • Purity: 99%
  • Supply Ability: 100kg
Ciclopirox Basic information
Topical antifungal Chemical Properties Uses production method
Product Name:Ciclopirox
Product Categories:Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;API;Batrafen, Loprox, Mycoster, Stieprox, HOE 296b;Heterocycles
Mol File:29342-05-0.mol
Ciclopirox Structure
Ciclopirox Chemical Properties
Melting point 1440C
Boiling point 350.0±25.0 °C(Predicted)
density 1.193±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
storage temp. -20°C Freezer
solubility Slightly soluble in water, freely soluble in anhydrous ethanol and in methylene chloride
CAS DataBase Reference29342-05-0(CAS DataBase Reference)
Safety Information
HS Code 2933790002
MSDS Information
Ciclopirox Usage And Synthesis
Topical antifungalCiclopirox is a novel broad-spectrum topical antifungal agent,it is successfully developed by pharmaceutical companies of the Federal Republic of Germany , the mechanism is by changing the integrity of the fungal cell membrane, causing intracellular material outflow, and blocking intake of protein precursors, resulting in fungal cell death, it has a strong bactericidal effect against dermatophytes, yeasts, molds, etc. And it has strong permeability . At higher concentrations,it can also have a certain extent inhibiting effect on a variety of actinomycetes, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and mycoplasma, chlamydia, trichomonas, Trichomonas vaginalis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Compared with imidazole antifungal, ciclopirox has strong penetration ability in cuticle where skin fungus survive, so it has a significant inhibition effect on the cuticle deep fungi, such as onychomycosis.
Mainly it is used in clinical for superficial skin fungal infections, such as ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch, tinea manus and pedis(especially keratosis thickening), tinea versicolor, skin candidiasis, Candida albicans and onychomycosis treatment.
The above information is edited by the chemicalbook of Tian Ye.
Chemical PropertiesSolid, m.p. 144 ℃.
Ciclopirox Olamine: [41621-49-2]. White crystalline powder, odorless, bitter taste. Soluble in methanol, ethanol or chloroform, slightly soluble in dimethylformamide or water, slightly soluble in ether. Melting point 124-128 ℃. Acute toxicity LD50 in mice, rats (mg/kg): 2898,3290 orally.
UsesPyridine ketones broad-spectrum antifungal agents, have inhibiting effects on a variety of skin fungi . They can prevent the substances necessary for Candida albicans cells survival such as amino acids, potassium ions, phosphate,going through the cell membrane ,which can cause by certain important matrix or intracellular ions failure,and then inhibit or kill fungal cells. There are a wide range of anti-fungal effects, they can have a killing effect on the skin filamentous bacteria, yeast fungi , they have inhibition effects on a variety of Gram positive and negative bacteria, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, Proteus, E. coli, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus bacteria. They are used to treat fungal skin disease, tinea versicolor, vulvovaginal Candida disease, skin and fingers (toe) candidiasis ,they have significant effects , and lower side effects.
production method4-methyl-3-penten-2-one by oxidation of sodium hypochlorite (56% yield), is esterified to produce methyl-2-butenoate (the I), 67% yield, b.p. 135~139 ℃.
Cyclohexane carboxylic acid and thionyl chloride react to obtain cyclohexane carboxylic acid chloride. In the role of aluminum chloride,it reacts with methyl-2-butenoate (I) in a methylene chloride solvent, and the reaction is stirred for 4h, after post-treatment, vacuum collect 140-145 ℃ (0.4kPa) the distillate, 3-methyl-5-oxo-5-cyclohexyl-3-pentenoate (ciclopirox, II) is generated in 75% yield. And then it is stirred at room temperature for 20h together with hydroxylamine hydrochloride, sodium acetate, methanol and water , then it is added 50% sodium hydroxide , then it is stirred for 1h. After cooling with benzene extraction, the aqueous phase is acidified to Ph = 6. The precipitated crystals are recrystallized from ethanol, to give ciclopirox, m.p. 140~142 ℃, yield 48.3%. Finally,it is salified with the hydroxyl amine in methylene chloride to give almost quantitative ciclopirox, melting point 97~99 ℃.
Chemical PropertiesWhite or Light-Yellow Powder
OriginatorFungirox Esmalte, UCI-Farma
UsesBroad spectrum antimycotic agent with some antibacterial activity
UsesCiclopirox (Penlac) is a synthetic antifungal agent. Ciclopirox (Penlac) is used for topical dermatologic treatment of superficial mycoses. Ciclopirox (Penlac) is most useful against Tinea versicolor. [1] In a study conducted to further elucidate ciclopir
DefinitionChEBI: A cyclic hydroxamic acid that is 1-hydroxypyridin-2(1H)-one in which the hydrogens at positions 4 and 6 are substituted by methyl and cyclohexyl groups, repectively. A broad spectrum antigfungal agent, it also exhibits antibacterial acti ity against many Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used a a topical treatment of fungal skin and nail infections.
Manufacturing ProcessA mixture of 5-oxo-3-methyl-5-cyclohexylpentene-2 acid 1-methyl ester and 5-oxo-3-methyl-5-cyclohexylpentene-3 acid 1-methyl ester was obtained by condensation of hexahydrobenzoyl chloride with β,β-dimethylacrylic acid methyl ester. 11.2 g of this mixture and a solution of 4.6 g of sodium acetate and 4 g of hydroxylamine hydrochloride were shaken for 20 hours at 25°C with a mixture of 8 ml of water and 15 ml methanol. Subsequently, a solution of 4 g of sodium hydroxide in 8 ml of water was then added, while cooling, shaken for 1 hour at room temperature. The mixture was extracted by means of benzene and the aqueous phase was acidified to reach a pH of 6. 3.5 g of 1-hydroxy-4-methyl-6-cyclohexyl-2-pyridone were obtained; melting point 144°C.
For preparation of cyclopirox from 1-hydroxy-4-methyl-6-cyclohexyl-2- pyridone was added 2-aminoethanol (1:1).Merck Index, Monograph number: 2325, Twelfth edition, 1996, Editor: S. Budavari; Merck and Co., Inc. Greene L.A.; US Patent No. 5,846,984; Dec. 8, 1998; Assigned to The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York (New York, NY) Lohaus G. et al.; US Patent No. 3,883,545; May 13, 1975; Assigned to Hoechst Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Brand nameLoprox(Medicis); Penlac (Sanofi Aventis).
Therapeutic FunctionAntifungal
Mechanism of actionCiclopirox has a unique mechanism of action through chelation of polyvalent cations, such as Fe3+, which causes inhibition of a number of metal-dependent enzymes within the fungal cell.
Clinical UseCiclopirox is a hydroxylated pyridinone that is employed for superficial dermatophytic infections, principally onychomycosis.
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