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Sodium hydrosulfide

Sodium hydrosulfide Suppliers list
Company Name: Henan DaKen Chemical CO.,LTD.
Tel: +86-371-55531817
Products Intro: Product Name:Sodium hydrosulfide
Purity:99% Package:100g,500g,1kg,5kg,10kg
Company Name: Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0371-55170693
Products Intro: Product Name:16721-80-5
Purity:0.99 Package:25KG,5KG;1KG;500G
Company Name: Hefei TNJ Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 86-0551-65418684 18949823763
Products Intro: Product Name:Sodium Hydrosulfide
Purity:99.5 Package:1KG;1USD
Company Name: career henan chemical co
Tel: +86-371-86658258
Products Intro: Product Name:Sodium hydrosulfide
Purity:98% Package:1KG;1USD
Company Name: Chemwill Asia Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 86-21-51086038
Products Intro: CAS:16721-80-5
Purity:0.99 Package:5KG;1KG;25KG PRICE quotation Remarks:Factory stock, quality assurance, price concessions

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  • Sodium hydrosulfide
  • US $1.00 / KG
  • 2019-07-06
  • CAS:16721-80-5
  • Min. Order: 1G
  • Purity: 98%
  • Supply Ability: 100KG
  • Sodium hydrosulfide
  • US $530.00-500.00 / KG
  • 2019-07-06
  • CAS:16721-80-5
  • Min. Order: 1000KG
  • Purity: 70%
  • Supply Ability: 1000MT/month or Customized
Sodium hydrosulfide Basic information
Product Name:Sodium hydrosulfide
Synonyms:sodiumhydrosulfide(na(hs));sodiumhydrosulfide,anhydrous;sodiumhydrosulfide,dihydrate;sodiumhydrosulfide,solid;sodiumhydrosulfide,solid,withlessthan25%waterofcrystallization;sodiumhydrosulfide,solution;sodiumhydrosulfide,withnotlessthan25%waterofcrystallization;SODIUM HYDROGEN SULFIDE
Product Categories:INORGANIC & ORGANIC CHEMICALS;Inorganics;metal chalcogenides;hydrogen sulfide;inorganic chemical raw material;inorganic salt;sulfate
Mol File:16721-80-5.mol
Sodium hydrosulfide Structure
Sodium hydrosulfide Chemical Properties
Melting point 55°C
density 1,79 g/cm3
RTECS WE1900000
Fp 90°C
form Solid
color Off-white
Water Solubility 620 g/L (20 ºC)
Sensitive Moisture Sensitive & Hygroscopic
Stability:Stable, but hygroscopic. Flammable solid. May ignite in air.
CAS DataBase Reference16721-80-5(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry SystemSodium hydrosulfide (16721-80-5)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes C,F
Risk Statements 31-34
Safety Statements 25-36/37/39-45-50A
HazardClass 4.2
PackingGroup II
Hazardous Substances Data16721-80-5(Hazardous Substances Data)
MSDS Information
Sodium bisulfide English
ALFA English
Sodium hydrosulfide Usage And Synthesis
Chemical Propertieswhite crystals or powder with a very unpleasant smell
Usesthe copper ore beneficiation,the sulfurous acid dyeing of manmade fibre,the synthesis of organic intermediates,the preparation of auxiliary agent of sulfur dyes,and waste water treatment; raw material to produce ammonium sulphate and ethanethiol
General DescriptionSodium hydrosulfide is a colorless to light yellow crystalline solid or fused mass. Sodium hydrosulfide is corrosive to skin and metal. Used in paper pulping, manufacturing dyes, and dehairing hides.
Air & Water ReactionsSoluble in water. The solution slowly evolves hydrogen sulfide gas. Crystals hydrolyze in moist air to sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide. Liable to spontaneous heating in moist air.
Reactivity ProfileA chemical base. Reacts with acids to release flammable and toxic gaseous hydrogen sulfide. As long as the solution is kept strongly alkaline, pH > 10, there is very little release of H2S. At pH = 7, the percent concentration of H2S released is close to 80%.
HazardContact with acids causes evolution of toxic gases.
Health HazardFire will produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases. Inhalation of decomposition products may cause severe injury or death. Contact with substance may cause severe burns to skin and eyes. Runoff from fire control may cause pollution.
Fire HazardFlammable/combustible material. May ignite on contact with moist air or moisture. May burn rapidly with flare-burning effect. Some react vigorously or explosively on contact with water. Some may decompose explosively when heated or involved in a fire. May re-ignite after fire is extinguished. Runoff may create fire or explosion hazard. Containers may explode when heated.
Industrial usesSodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) is stable only in solution. When in contact with oxygen (air), it slowly oxidizes. If a solution of NaHS is heated, it is converted into Na2S and H2S.
Sodium hydrosulfide can be used as a replacement for Na2S·9H2O during sulfidization of oxide minerals. Sodium hydrosulfide in solution has a much lower alkalinity than Na2S.
Although the performance of NaHS is not the same as for Na2S, it is used because of its cost-effectiveness.
Safety ProfilePoison by intraperitoneal and subcutaneous routes. Mutation data reported. A corrosive irritant to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. Flammable when exposed to heat or flame. Spontaneous combustion. Reacts violently with Qazonium salts. Readily yields HS. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of SO, and NazO. See also SULFIDES and MERCAPTANS.
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