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Isovaleric acid

Price $10
Package 1PCS
Min. Order: 1KG
Supply Ability: 100 mt
Update Time: 2021-04-22

Product Details

Product Name: Isovaleric acid CAS No.: 503-74-2
EC-No.: 207-975-3 Min. Order: 1KG
Purity: 99% Supply Ability: 100 mt
Release date: 2021/04/22

Product Description

Product nameIsovaleric acid
ColourClear colorless to slightly yellow

Isovaleric acid nature:

Isovaleric acid is also called 3-methylbutyric acid. Natural products are found in essential oils such as valerian oil, vanilla oil, hop oil, laurel leaf oil and spearmint oil. Lemon leaf and tobacco also contain natural products. It has unpleasant rancidity odor and sweat odor. Colorless viscous liquid. Soluble in water (1 / 24), ethanol, ether, chloroform. Mice were injected with LD50 150 mg / kg. Isovaleric acid is an important raw material for the production of perfume isovalerate, which exists in valerian oil and hop oil.

Isovaleric acid application:

Isovaleric acid is used in the production of spices (80% of the total azeotropic amount in Japan). The main isovalerate used as perfume are hexyl isovalerate, propyl isovalerate, isoamyl isovalerate, geranyl isovalerate, benzyl isovalerate and cinnamyl isovalerate. The lower isovalerates are used as food flavors, and the higher isovalerates are used in cosmetics. Isovaleric acid exists naturally in valerian oil, vanilla oil, hops oil, laurel leaf oil, spearmint oil and so on. It is a kind of edible flavor permitted by GB2760-86. It is mainly used to make cheese and cream flavors, and also to be used in fruit flavor.

Produce raw materials for perfume, spices, plasticizers and lubricants esters.

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                                                                          Company Profile 

Welcome to Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology Co.Ltd (Guanlang)

Guanlang is a fast growing intermediates company,Which located in Shijiazhuang,Hebei Province.Our main product is chlorine dioxide, Sodium dichloroisocyanurate(sdic or nadcc) ANDTrichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA)for water treatment.We also supply raw materials for detergent and hand sanitizer products,such as carbopol 940,carbopol stock solution,Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) and so on.

Guanlang also supply various industrial chemicals for customers, such as citric acid,potassium chloride etc.After ten years development,Crovell has become a Diversified development company,not only involves in chemicals, but also real estate ,agricultural products and so on.So far, Crovell has  usiness in more than 35 countries,most big customers come from europe and America, because among the suppliers in China.

Guanlang can always make the product quality best, some of the products from Guanlang can reach the purity of 99.9+, such as 2-phenylacetamide. This is the important reason for customers who choosing Guanlang.In future, Crovell must become to a more important trade bridge for china and foreign countries especially in pharmaceutical industries.


why choose our company

   we will try our best to satisfied you.
1.  tailor-made for every customers.
2.  third-party test for the products you demand.
3.  test your counter-samples and produce them for you.
4.  best discount for old customers.

Company Profile Introduction

Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 , located in Shijiazhuang city which is the capital of Hebei Province and hub sector among Beijing Tianjin and Hebei and has advantage of convenient transportation . Our company is a modern high-tech chemical enterprise with Research & Development, production and sales. Our company has strong technical strength, advanced equipment, strict quality management system and high-quality after-sales service, adhers to the "customer first and forge ahead" business philosophy and insists on integrity as the company's survival. All for the customers’ satisfaction, all for the long-term healthy development of the enterprise. In the past 10 more years, we have been strictly managing the whole trade process, focusing on every detail, providing customers with all-round services such as product purchase, R & D, quality control, logistics management and so on, and become reliable cooperation company and partner for our clients. Nowadays We formed large varieties, large scale, complete categories, refined degree, added value and high technology content product chain .There are several series including pharmaceutical products, food grade additives, industrial grade, fertilizer grade and mineral products. In recent five years, the company has implemented the strategy of "going out" vigorously. We has established our branches in Hubei China, Vietnam and Mexico, making our market and sales network more and more perfect. Our company will continue to adhere to the strategic positioning of fine chemical industry in the future and competition ideas of irreplaceable product differentiation, and strive to become to the leading of Chinese chemical industry. As a way to use the resource on the expanding info in international trade, we welcome prospects from everywhere on the web and offline. In spite on the high quality items we offer, effective and satisfying consultation service is supplied by our qualified after-sale service gro

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