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  • L-Carnosine
  • L-Carnosine
  • L-Carnosine
  • L-Carnosine
  • L-Carnosine


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Package 25KG
Min. Order: 2KG
Supply Ability: 20 tons
Update Time: 2022-02-25

Product Details

Product Name: L-Carnosine CAS No.: 305-84-0
Min. Order: 2KG Purity: 99% up by HPLC
Supply Ability: 20 tons Release date: 2022/02/25

Product Information

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COA of L-Carnosine

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Function of L-Carnosine

L-carnosine is a natural dipeptide found in skeletal muscle, heart, brain and other nerve tissues. The combination of two amino acids is called a dipeptide. Therefore, L-carnosine is a combination of β-alanine and L-histidine.

The concentration of dipeptide decreases with age. Therefore, this type of nutritional supplement is also for anti-aging. L-carnosine can reduce glycation end products (AGEs), which is a variant protein that plays an important role in the aging process. In addition, carnosine also helps reduce cross-linked collagen that causes wrinkles and reduces skin elasticity. In other words, L-carnosine is good for slowing down the skin aging process.

Functions and benefits of L-carnosine

L-carnosine can also help prevent atherosclerosis, joint inflammation, and cataract formation. It can help body tissues get rid of a lot of toxins. The chemical structure of carnosine can bind certain metal toxins to prevent them from damaging the body. In addition, carnosine also helps regulate zinc and copper in the body.

Why do L-carnosine have these benefits?

Some evidence suggests that L-carnosine can protect cells from being killed by toxins, which are responsible for many neurological diseases. Sensitivity to glutamate is also a cause of toxin production and may cause damage to brain cells. Glutamate is the main excitatory neurotransmitter, so it is judged that L-carnosine has the potential to protect cells from death.

Company Profile Introduction

Sinoway Industrial co., ltd. was established in 1987 in Xiamen, China, and now has been a leading group specialized in research, development, custom manufacturing and trading of pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, health and food supplements, cosmetic raw materials, herbal extracts, polypeptides and prostaglandin derivatives, etc.. We have passed ISO9001:2015. With qualified products, competitive price and excellent service, we have received great reputation of our customers from all over the world, including Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and other countries. We have over 20 years good partners in Japan、Korea and Switzerland. Sinoway has a professional R&D team. We have built close cooperative relationships with many research institutes and universities in China. Moreover, Sinoway combines market analysis with technology, providing new business trends to our clients. In addition, we have very close cooperation relationships with many Chinese pharmaceutical factories. These pharmaceutical manufacturers have GMP regulated workshops, advanced production and testing equipments, first-class QC labs and a production team with rich experience. We can supply various Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and finished products which meet EP/USP/BP standards. Chinese GMP, EU-GMP, COS/CEP certificates with DMF documents are available, and many products have been approved by FDA. We believe that quality and innovation are vital for an enterprise. Adhering to the business philosophy of integrity and win-win cooperation, Sinoway is looking forward to have a bright future with you together.

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