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Postion:Product Catalog >Biochemical Engineering>Condensing agent>1,1'-Carbonyldiimidazole


US $60.00-80.00 / KG

Min. Order: 1KG
Purity: 99%(Customizable specifications)
Cas No.: 530-62-1
Supply Ability: 2000kg
  • 100KG
  • 25KG
  • 1KG


Product Name: 1,1'-Carbonyldiimidazole
CAS No.: 530-62-1
Min. Order: 1KG
Purity: 99%(Customizable specifications)
Supply Ability: 2000kg
Release date: 2018/09/18
Product Advantage

product description:

N,N'-carbonyldiimidazole (CDI for short) is a derivative of imidazole having a closed large P bond in the imidazole structure and a pair of lone pairs of electrons in the sp2 orbital in which one nitrogen atom is not bonded. These determine that CDI has a strong chemical reactivity and can react with functional groups such as ammonia, alcohols, and acids to synthesize many compounds that are difficult to obtain by general chemical methods. Widely used as an enzyme and protein binder, antibiotic synthetic drug intermediates, especially as a bonding agent for synthetic peptide compounds

Reaction mechanism:

Reaction mechanism of CDI as activator: CDI can react with functional groups such as ammonia (amine), alcohol, carboxylic acid, etc. to obtain a series of intermediates with different structures, namely: carbamoylimidazole (carbamoyl imidazolium salt), ester Imidazole, carbonyl imidazole, and the like. These intermediates have a certain reactivity and can be further reacted with a functional group such as ammonia (amine), an alcohol or a carboxylic acid to prepare a compound having a structure such as urea, urethane, carbonate, amide or ester.

1. Urea Urea is mainly prepared by further reacting a carbamoyl imidazole and a carbamoyl imidazolium salt with an ammonia (amine) compound. The intermediate product formed by the reaction of CDI with a primary amine (monosubstituted carbamoyl imidazole) can be further reacted with an aliphatic primary amine to obtain urea; and the N, N'-disubstituted carbamoylimidazole obtained by reacting with a secondary amine has an obvious activity. Decreased, unable to react with primary and secondary amines.
2. Urethanes There are two routes to the preparation of urethanes: carbamoyl imidazoles (salts) are further reacted with alcohols (phenols); esterimidazoles are further reacted with ammonia (amines).
3. Carbonate The formation of carbonate is mainly obtained by reacting an ester imidazole with an alcohol. It is worth noting that the ortho-substituted diol can undergo intramolecular cyclization under the action of an intermediate product.
4. The preparation of the amide amide can be achieved by carbam imidazole (salt) and carbonyl imidazole, respectively. When a carbamoyl imidazolium salt is used to prepare an amide, an appropriate amount of a base is added to the system to promote the reaction.
5. Ester The carbonyl imidazole reacts with an alcohol to form an ester. Compared with the traditional method, the conditions required for the reaction are quite mild, which opens up a new way for the synthesis of such compounds.
6. Other Structures In addition to the above substances, CDI can also synthesize substances such as ketones, aldehydes, and olefins by interacting with other reagents.

Product Features:

1. Secnidazole belongs to category of antiprotozoal agents drugs. Secnidazole is a type of potentiate anticoagulant effect of warfarin. concurrent disulfîram may cause antabuse-like effects cimetidine prolongs half-life. It belongs to 5 nitroimidazole, effective in intestinal ameobiasis, giardiasis, trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis with a single once only dose. 2. Secnidazole is a nitroimidazole anti-infective. Effectiveness in the treatment of dientamoebiasis has been reported. It has also been tested against Atopobium vaginae. This drug is commonly sold as Brand Name Flagentyl.

main effect

For the treatment of various acute and chronic liver and intestine amebiasis and urethra, vagina, prostate, etc. trichomoniasis. Also used in various parts of the body giardiasis treatment and anaerobic infections.



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