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Postion:Product Catalog >Sephadex G-50

Sephadex G-50

Price $1
Package 1kg
  • Min. Order:1kg
  • Supply Ability:1000kg
  • Release date:2019-07-06

Product Details

  • Product Name: Sephadex G-50
  • CAS No.:9048-71-9
  • Min. Order:1kg
  • Purity:95%-99%
  • Supply Ability:1000kg
  • Release date:2019/07/06
  • Contact person:crystal@coreychem.com


[ Name ]: Sephadex G-50
[ Synonym ]: More Synonyms

 Chemical & Physical Properties

No Any Chemical & Physical Properties

 Safety Information

[ Personal Protective Equipment ]: Eyeshields;Gloves;type N95 (US);type P1 (EN143) respirator filter
[ RIDADR ]: NONH for all modes of transport

Company Profile Introduction

Henan Kehong Biological Technology Co., LTD., founded in 2021, is a manufacturer specializing in the sales of fine chemicals. Our company mainly deals in the sales of pharmaceutical intermediates, impurities, OLED intermediates; And provide the corresponding custom synthesis and technical consulting services. With the development and growth of the company, now the company has two specialized laboratories providing customized synthetic services, we have professional, efficient, responsible sales staff, more than dozens of laboratory technicians in the pharmaceutical raw material industry for several years, we have business cooperation with a number of well-known international companies. All staff of the company will use the most professional custom synthesis technology and years of experience in the chemical industry, to make contributions to your research and development, to become your best partner!

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