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Postion:Product Catalog >Sodium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate 50000mt Factory

Sodium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate 50000mt Factory

US $1.00 / 1KG

Min. Order: 1KG
Purity: High quality factory in China
Cas No.: 36245-44-0
Supply Ability: 50000 MT per year
  • 1KG


Product Name: Sodium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate 50000mt Factory
CAS No.: 36245-44-0
Min. Order: 1KG
Purity: High quality factory in China
Supply Ability: 50000 MT per year
Release date: 2020/05/17
Product Advantage


Sodium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate


So far the largest production capacity factory in China


Highly quality and immedaite delivery


O,O-dibutylphosphorodithioic acid sodium salt  


 Sodium O,O-dibutyl dithiophosphate

Sodium Dibunate,Sodium Dibutyl Dithioca


sodium O,O-diisopropyl dithiophosphate

Sodium Diisopropyl Dithiophosphate

Sodium diisopropyldithiophosphate

Sodium Diisopropyl Dithiophosphate,

Sodium Aerofloat, Aerofloat

El sodio o, o-diisopropyl dithiophosphate


диизопропиловый натрия dithiophosphate 50000mt в год



It is an aqueous solution of dialkyl dithiophosphate. 
It is the most selective collector in the dithiophosphate range. It has no frothing characteristics. Being a selective reagent, it is useful as a rougher collector producing a high grade first concentrate. For optimum recovery a scavenger collector, e.g. a stronger dithiophosphate or a xanthate in conjunction with it is used.
It is very selective towards pyrite and other iron sulphides and is therefore used in the flotation of copper sulphide mineral and Cu-activated sphalerite, particularly in the presence of pyrite. It does not float lead sulphide. The collector being a selective reagent is applicable on easy floating liberated copper sulphide like Skim-Air flotation in the grinding circuit.
It can be added undiluted or preferably diluted with clear water to 5-20% solutions to better control the dosage. It is good practice to stir before use.
The dosage of this product varies with the type of ore, usually falling within the range of 20 to 100 grams per metric ton
It is effective in the pH range of 4 to 12. Because of its selectivity against iron sulphides, It can be used at lower alkalinity than xanthates.
Safety and Handling:  
This product is manufactured under carefully controlled conditions. However, to varying degrees they can be considered harmful and therefore before handling this product always carefully read and understand the MSDS for this product.This flotation collector causes irritation to eyes and skin.Safe handling includes the use of safety glasses , natural rubber gloves and protective clothing. 
+Store in a dry and well-ventilated place away from heat and sunlight after the principle "first in/first out"
+Avoid freezing
+Store in plastic drums or coated steel drums 
Environmental impact
This product is biodegradable. The majority of the collector is tied up with the concentrate and is destroyed in the subsequent processing operations. The remainder is transferred to the tailings . Release into the water systems should be avoided.

Typical Properties Data
Yellow brown liquid
( aqueous solution) . no pungent odor . 
rather stable chemically
pH 10-13
Boiling point 104 degrees C
Solubility in water complete
Melting/freezing point 2 degrees C
Specific gravity(20C) 1.10+/-0.05
Flash point




Sodium O,O-Diisopropyl Dithiophosphate
Sodium Diisopropoxy-Sulfido-Thioxo-Phosphorane; Sodium Diisopropoxy-Sulfido-Thioxophosphorane; Sodium Di(Propan-2-Yloxy)-Sulfanylidene-Sulfido-Phosphorane
Molecular Formula  
Molecular Weight   236.26
CAS Registry Number  
EINECS   248-322-2
down   Properties
Boiling point   257.1°C at 760 mmHg (Cal.)  ref.
Flash point   109.3°C (Cal.)  ref.


CAS No.: 27205-99-8
Name: Phosphorodithioic acid,O,O-bis(1-methylethyl) ester, sodium salt (1:1)
Molecular Structure:
Molecular Structure of 27205-99-8 (Phosphorodithioic acid,O,O-bis(1-methylethyl) ester, sodium salt (1:1))
Formula: C6H15 O2 P S2 . Na
Molecular Weight: 236.267691
Synonyms: Isopropylsodium phosphorodithioate ((C3H7O)2(NaS)PS) (7CI); Phosphorodithioic acid,O,O-bis(1-methylethyl) ester, sodium salt (9CI); Phosphorodithioic acid,O,O-diisopropyl ester, sodium salt (8CI); Hostaflot LIP; Nadis; SodiumO,O-diisopropyl dithiophosphate; Sodium O,O-diisopropyl phosphorodithioate;Sodium O,O'-diisopropyldithiophosphate; Sodium diisopropyl phosphorodithioate;Sodium diisopropyldithiophosphate
Density: 1.145g/cm3
Melting Point:  
Boiling Point: 257.1°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point: 109.3°C



White to pale grey powder, odourless, deliquescent in air, soluble in water, chemically stable.

Principal uses:
Dithiophosphate BA is an excellent collector with frothing performance in flotation of nonferrous metallic minerals. It exhibits specific properties for separating silver, copper, lead and activated zinc sulfide minerals and difficult polymetallic ores. The collective performance of Dithiophosphate BA is weak for the pyrite and magnetizing pyrite, but is strong for the galena in the weak base ore pulp. It is also useful in the flotation of nickel and antimony sulfide minerals and is especially useful in the flotation of nickel sulfide mineral with low flotability, mixture of sulfide-oxide nickel ores and middlings of sulfide with gangue. Dithiophosphate BA is also helpful in recovery of platinum, gold and silver.


Ammonium dibutyldithiophosphate % 91.0
Insoluble matter in water %≤ 1.2
Period of validity (month) 24
Packing: 40kg,100kg/steel drum 40kg/plastic woven bags 

Storage & transport:
To be protected from water, torrid sunlight and fire, no lain down, no upside down.



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  • Selective collector with higher recovery than SEX

Sodium isopropyl xanthate (SIPX) and sodium isobutyl xanthate (SIBX) are typically used when the collector needs to be stronger than SEX without compromising too much on selectivity, for instance in some copper-gold, copper-zinc and nickel operations. In some parts of the world where postassium hydroxide is more readily available than sodium hydroxide for xanthate manufacture, the use of xanthates such as PEX (potassium ethyl xanthate) and PIBX (potassium isobutyl xanthate) may be more common. SIPX is the most used chemical reagent in Peru for the treatment of polymetallic minerals.


 Xanthates in mining.

Xanthates have been the workhorse of sulfide mineral flotation since the 1920’s (Harris 1989), and they represent the largest volume of any sulfide mineral collector. Xanthate collectors are salts consisting of a non-polar hydrocarbon group, which provides the hydrophobicity to a sulphide mineral, pointing outward from the mineral to the solution, and a polar group that adsorbs onto the sulphide mineral surface.



RAW MATERIALS: are Carbon Disulfide, Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) or Potash (Potassium Hydroxide) and a determined alcohol, which provides it with collecting properties in flotation processes of metallic and polymetallic minerals.


The production of pure xanthates requires pure raw materials and then the reaction must also be driven to completion. This requires sophisticated process design and control of the manufacturing process which, in turn, influence the price and metallurgical efficiency of the product.






Relative Strength

Typical Plant Concentration %

Sodium Ethyl Xanthate /SEX



Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate /SIPX






Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate /SIBX


Potassium Amyl Xanthate /PAX



All Xanthates are water-soluble and are usually fed in as aqueous solutions in a 5 to 20% strength.

These reagents are widely used for all sulfide minerals, with a high tendency to float iron sulfide, except when using depressors. They cannot be used in highly acidic circuits, as they tend to decompose.

Kemcore carries common Xanthate products equivalent or similar to:

Potassium Ethyl Xanthate (PEX)

Aero 303

Potassium Amyl Xanthate (PAX)

Flottec PAX/Flomin C3505/AERO 350

Sodium Ethyl Xanthate (SEX)

Flottec SEX/FloMin C 3200/AERO 325

Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate (SIBX)

Flottec SIBX/FloMin C3430/AERO 317

Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate (SIPX)

Flottec SIPX/Flomin C3330/AERO 343

Sodium n-butyl Xanthate SNBX

FloMin C 3410

Sodium Amyl Xanthate





Our range of modifiers, collectors and frothers are produced in fully integrated world-class facilities in China and Kemcore guarantees a continuous supply to our customers worldwide. 

Advantages of Xanthate.

  1. The least expensive sulfide mineral collector-Inexpensive compared to Specialty Collectors
  2. Easy to manufacture and available in solid pellet form for easy handling
  3. Dosage: in plant environment they’re fed at active concentrations of 5% or less in water.
  4. Very good at recovering in an unselectve manner bulk sulfide minerals, including sulfides.
  5. Can be used with lime to give a pH operating range of 9-12.
  6. Can be used as a sole collector in a sulfide mineral plant. 

Plant Operation Tips –

- The sequence of addition of modifiers, collectors and frothers is of great importance, especially when sulphidising agents and other activators and depressants are involved.

- Flotation is a process that relies heavily on surface chemistry, by adding all of the collectors to the conditioner, a thick, scummy and uncontrollable froth is obtained which yields a low and unmarketable grade concentrate with entrained insoluble minerals. Therefore careful consideration should be taken when selecting reagent-dosing points in the plant so that recovery and grade are optimised.

-When trialling additional or different collectors maintain a visual inspection history of the froth and concentrate in each circuit

- Data from each shift should be collected over the duration of the trial so that shift recoveries and grades can be determined and to ascertain whether the trial collector is better or worse than the incumbent collector.



Chemwill Asia co.,Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer of Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate in CHINA. 


Our main production base is located in Xuzhou industry park. We produce a wide range of organics including Active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs), Veterinary,  Indole derivatives, Aromatics, Fluorine, Boronic acids, organocatalysts, chiral building blocks, heterocyclic compounds. We are certified both to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards, have a safety management system in place. 


Our R&D team masters core technology for process-design of target building block as well as Tailor-made fine chemicals. Our manufactory specialised in extreme temperature conditions (-100ºC to +300ºC), hydrogenations reaction under high pressure, suzuki coupling reaction, photochemical reaction, Mitsunobu reactions, enantioselective reactions and asymmetric synthesis. 


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