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Postion:Product Catalog >Organic Chemistry>Carboxylic acids and derivatives>Carboxylic acid esters and derivatives>Isopropyl Palmitate

Isopropyl Palmitate

US $1.20 / 1KG

  • 1KG
Min. Order: 1KG
Purity: 98%min
Cas No.: 142-91-6
Supply Ability: 100tons
  • Product Name: Isopropyl Palmitate
  • CAS No.:142-91-6
  • EC-No.:205-571-1
  • Min. Order:1KG
  • Purity:98%min
  • Supply Ability:100tons
  • Release date:2021/08/25
Product Advantage

 Property: Colorless or light yellow oily liquid,soluble in alcohol and aether, insoluble in water.

Quality standard: Q/LWM002-2011

Index Name IPP



Colorless or light yellow oily liquid



Acid value


Melting point


Use:It has the functions of moistening, penetrating when used in cosmetics. Use level in cosmetics:2-10%. It can be used in sol, hair conditioner, bath oil, skin cream, sunblocking cream and shaving cream.

Packing:Packed in polyethylene plastic pail(with inner cover), 90KG/175KGkg/drum.
Storage: Stored in cool and dry place. Kept in airproof condition.

Chemical name: IPP
Molecular formula:CH3(CH2)14COOCH(CH3)2
Molecular weight:298
Contact :  Cathy
Company:  Henan Xiangtong Chemical Co., Ltd.
E-mail:   xtchem2019@gmail.com
Mobile:   0086-15713833609
Item: XT-N35
  • Business model:Manufacturer
  • CB index: 58
  • Telephone: 86-371-61312303
  • Fax: 86-371-86017988
  • Mobile: 15713833609
  • Address: Room 1608, South Tower of Grand Emporium, Huayuan Road, Jinshui District,

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