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Package 1KG
  • Min. Order:0.01KG
  • Supply Ability:1 tons
  • Release date:2022-04-02

Product Details

  • Product Name: GHRP-2
  • CAS No.:158861-67-7
  • Min. Order:0.01KG
  • Purity:99%
  • Supply Ability:1 tons
  • Release date:2022/04/02

Product name : GHRP-2

CAS: 158861-67-7

Formula: C42H50N8O5

Molecular weight: 746.91

Peptide purity: >98.0%

Appearance: White Lyophilized Powder

Product Categories: Peptide; Peptides

Usage: Muscle Gaining

package: 5mg or 10mg /vial  10vials/box


GHRP-2 and Ipamorelin are all very similar in their modes of action, they work to increase GHRP-2 (GH) levels in the human body by increasing secretion of the hormone Ghrelin. On a milligram for milligram basis they are all fairly equal in their ability to increase GH levels in the human body, with GHRP-2 being slightly more efficient.

The major differences between the 3 GHRP peptides lays in their side effects. GHRP-6 causes a significant increase in hunger for many, therefore making it good for people looking to "bulk" but no so good for those trying to lose fat. GHRP-2 is often preferred for people dieting as it does not stimulate hunger, however it does raise cortisol (a stress hormone), prolactin (a hormone which can diminish sex drive) and aldosterone (a hormone which promotes water retention) more than GHRP-6 and Ipamorelin.

Ipamorelin is similar to GHRP-6 in that it causes an increase in hunger (but it's not as dramatic as GHRP-6). However, since it does not raise cortisol, prolactin or aldosterone at recommended dosages it is a preferred choice for those who are sensitive to these hormones.


1. The half-life of GHRP-2 is quite short, though, with its peak occurring around 15 minutes after its administration or an hour later at the latest. Ideally, this therapy should be administered periodically everyday.

2. Similar to GHRP-6, GHRP-2 is its commercially synthesized form that can stimulate the secretion much better and stimulate the PRL, cortisol and ACTH levels a little better. For ghrelin, on the other hand, it functions like a synthetic agonist that can connect with the secretagogue receptor of the . GHRP-2 can also increase the levels of calcium ion influx and, in turn, release even more growth hormones.

3. Aside from that, some research has already been done proving how similar it is with the effectiveness of GRF, as well. As a matter of fact, it has proven to be much more potent compared to any other GH-releasing secretors known in the past, including GHRP-1 and GHRP-6. Because of this, this hormone is often used as a treatment for catabolic deficiencies and states nowadays.

4. GHRP-2 basically acts exactly like ghrelin. It can induce food consumption just like ghrelin and stimulate GH secretion, too. When infused, GHRP-2 makes the GH levels in the body increase a lot and it can induce cell cAMP secretion the way that GRF tends to, as well.

5. Aside from that, the supplements of GHRP-2 are known to be anti-inflammatory. However, its results tend to differ between research test subjects, depending on how each subject's pituitary somatotrophs choose to respond based on the different receptor subtypes of GHRP overall.

How does it Work?

The single polypeptide chain composed of six amino acids is a growth hormone releasing peptide. This hexapeptide not only functions to stimulate ghrelin release, but it also works to correct production of low level growth hormone. Simply put, GHRP-2 is perfectly designed with the intention of releasing human growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

These mechanisms have been shown to promote lean body gains in lean body individuals. Since GHRP-2 is a ghrelin agonist, it helps to promote the secretion of human growth hormone in a two fold process. For one, it acts to boost growth hormone through amplification of the transduction pathway. In addition, it suppresses the action of somatostatin (a hormone which limits the release of growth hormone). These actions make GHRP-2 a perfect option to increase endogenous growth hormone levels.

Dosage and Usage

Just like the other peptides we have covered so far, GHRP-2 comes as a lyophilized powder. It must be stored in a cool dry place and should be reconstituted using bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride meant for injection. Once the peptide has been reconstituted, GHRP-2 must be kept in a cold storage like the refrigerator until ready for use.

GHRP-2 can be taken in high dosages, if needed; however, it is still unclear how effective these high doses are. Normally, GHRP-2 will be used 2-3 times a day at around 100mcg-300mcg per injection. As with other GHRP’s, it's highly advisable to also use a GHRH in order maximize the effectiveness of the pulse wave combination in accessing the pituitary pathway to release growth hormone.

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Q1: Do you offer free sample?

A: Of course, we will offer free sample if you pay shipping fees.

Q2: How to solve the quality problem?

A: We supply high quality products and quality issue near to zero. If it happens caused by occasional?case, we will reship again or compensate customer loss, but customer need show us the evidence of problems or test report.

Q3: Whether transportation is safe and whether to reship if seized?

A: Yes, we offer almost 100% Shipping line with safe delivery. If seized unfortunately, we will ship and I am sure no custom issue.

Q4: ETA ?

A: Pack sent out in 2-3 days and offer tracking numbers after payment. ETA not the same decide by destination country. Please contact us for details (always 10-15 days).

Q5: Do you have any discount?

A: The price is negotiable. Plz shoot us your order content, we will quote a fair price.

Q6: What is your minimum order ?

A: Usually MOQ is 100g. But depends on the items and your requirements, we also can support small quantity, such as 20g and 50g.

Q7: How to order?

A: E-mail or message us that includes your order like format below:

product A ? 100g

product B ? 10vials

delivery country:?

Our sales will quote a total cost includes shipping fees and each item fees in 12 hours regularly.?

Our will satisfy your purchase and supply professional guide.

Company Profile Introduction

Wuhan Godbullraw Chemical Co.,ltd, founded in 2011, is a modern advanced enterprise specializing in custom synthesis and R&D and exportation of APIs, peptides, Sarms, Local anesthetics, plant extract etc, we build coopration with labs and factory qualitied with GMP, DMF, FDA in china and worldwild. We take advantage on integrating factory resources and lab customized projects.for customer demand, we continue to expand the industry chain in familiar areas, and at the same time we also keep develop new product supply chain.

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