ChemicalBook >>Streptozocin>>2-Desoxy-2-(3-methyl-3-nitrosoureido)-D-glucopyranose(18883-66-4)


Product IdentificationBack to Contents
【Product Name】


D-Glucose, 2-deoxy-2-[[(methylnitrosoamino)carbonyl]amino]-


【Molecular Weight】



【RTECS Class】

Tumorigen; Drug; Mutagen; Reproductive Effector; Human Data


Physical and Chemical PropertiesBack to Contents

Off-white powder.
【Solubility in water】

【Melting Point】


9.36 (pKa)

First Aid MeasuresBack to Contents

DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. If the victim is conscious and not convulsing, give 1 or 2 glasses of water to dilute the chemical and IMMEDIATELY call a hospital or poison control center. Be prepared to transport the victim to a hospital if advised by a physician. If the victim is convulsing or unconscious, do not give anything by mouth, ensure that the victim's airway is open and lay the victim on his/her side with the head lower than the body. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. IMMEDIATELY transport the victim to a hospital.

IMMEDIATELY leave the contaminated area; take deep breaths of fresh air. IMMEDIATELY call a physician and be prepared to transport the victim to a hospital even if no symptoms (such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, or burning in the mouth, throat, or chest) develop. Provide proper respiratory protection to rescuers entering an unknown atmosphere. Whenever possible, Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) should be used.

IMMEDIATELY flood affected skin with water while removing and isolating all contaminated clothing. Gently wash all affected skin areas thoroughly with soap and water. If symptoms such as redness or irritation develop, IMMEDIATELY call a physician and be prepared to transport the victim to a hospital for treatment.

First check the victim for contact lenses and remove if present. Flush victim's eyes with water or normal saline solution for 20 to 30 minutes while simultaneously calling a hospital or poison control center. Do not put any ointments, oils, or medication in the victim's eyes without specific instructions from a physician. IMMEDIATELY transport the victim after flushing eyes to a hospital even if no symptoms (such as redness or irritation) develop.
Handling and StorageBack to Contents

Store at unopened vials in the refrigerator. Once reconstituted with 5% dextrose or saline in sterile water, the solution may be kept 24 hours under refrigeration.

All chemicals should be considered hazardous. Avoid direct physical contact. Use appropriate, approved safety equipment. Untrained individuals should not handle this chemical or its container. Handling should occur in a chemical fume hood.
Hazards IdentificationBack to Contents

Irritating substances may induce pulmonary edema or pneumonitis. Embolization of insolouble material may occur.

Avoid any skin contact. See Inhalation.

See Inhalation.
【UN (DOT)】

Exposure Controls/Personal ProtectionBack to Contents
【Personal Protection】

Wear appropriate protective gloves, clothing and goggles.

Wear a NIOSH-approved half face respirator equipped with a combination filter cartridge, i.e. organic vapor/acid gas/HEPA (specific for organic vapors, HCl, acid gas, SO2 and a high efficiency particulate filter).
【Exposure Effects】

The toxological properties of this substance have not been fully investigated.
【Exposure limit(s)】

OSHA: Possible Select carcinogen.
Fire Fighting MeasuresBack to Contents
【Fire Fighting】

Use method most appropriate to fight surrounding fire.
【Fire Potential】

Accidental Release MeasuresBack to Contents
【Small spills/leaks】

Do not touch damaged containers or spilled material unless wearing appropriate protective clothing. Stop leak if you can do it without risk. Cover with plastic sheet to prevent spreading. Absorb or cover with dry earth, sand or other non-combustible material and transfer to containers. DO NOT GET WATER INSIDE CONTAINERS.
Stability and ReactivityBack to Contents

No data.

Reacts exothermically with acids Reacts with both strong oxidizing agents and strong reducing agents.
【Combustion Products】

Fire may produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases.
Transport InformationBack to Contents
【UN Number】

【Hazard Class】

【Packing Group】

Company Name:Shanghai Baoman Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Company Name:Beijing NuoqiYa Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Tel:4000-819-385 010-62329685 13718666987
Company Name:Dalian Meilun Biotech Co., Ltd.
Company Name:Beijing OKA biological technology co., LTD
Tel:010-62971590; 62971690; 13718666987
Company Name:Hubei widely chemical technology Co., Ltd.
Company Name:Beijing Solarbio Science & Tecnology Co., Ltd.
Tel:010-56371205 56371220
Company Name:J & K SCIENTIFIC LTD.
Tel:400-666-7788 +86-10-82848833
Company Name:3B Pharmachem (Wuhan) International Co.,Ltd.
Tel:86-21-50328103 * 801、802、803、804 Mobile:18930552037