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Lauryl sulfate sodium salt(151-21-3)

Lauryl sulfate sodium salt(151-21-3)
Product IdentificationBack to Contents
【Product Name】

Lauryl sulfate sodium salt

Dodecyl sodium sulfate
Lauryl sodium sulfate
Sodium dodecyl sulfate


【Molecular Weight】



【RTECS Class】

Drug; Mutagen; Reproductive Effector; Primary Irritant


【EC Class】

harmful, irritant
Physical and Chemical PropertiesBack to Contents

White, cream-colored or light yellow crystals, flakes or powder. Faint fatty odor.
【Solubility in water】

100 g/L
【Melting Point】

204 - 207

1.1 g/cm3 (20 C)
【Partition Coefficient】


Surface-active agent for emulsion polymerization, in metal processing, detergents & shampoo, emulsifying, foaming, wetting, dispersing agent in creams, lotion & medical preparations, foaming, wetting & dispersing agent in toothpaste, emulsifier, whipping agent & surfactant in foods.
First Aid MeasuresBack to Contents

Do NOT induce vomiting. If victim is conscious and alert, give 2-4 cupfuls of milk or water. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Get medical aid.

Get medical aid immediately. Remove from exposure to fresh air immediately. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen.

Immediately flush skin with plenty of soap and water for at least 15 minutes while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Get medical aid if irritation develops or persists.

Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, occasionally lifting the upper and lower eyelids. Get medical aid.
Handling and StorageBack to Contents

Store in a cool, dry place. Store in a tightly closed container.

Wash thoroughly after handling. Wash hands before eating. Use only in a well ventilated area. Do not breathe dust, vapor, mist, or gas. Do not get on skin or in eyes. Do not ingest or inhale.
Hazards IdentificationBack to Contents

Causes respiratory tract irritation. May cause severe allergic respiratory reaction. May cause severe irritation of the respiratory tract with sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath and delayed lung edema.

Causes skin irritation.

Causes eye irritation.

Causes gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
【EC Risk Phrase】

R 22 36/37/38
【EC Safety Phrase】

S 26 36/37/39
Exposure Controls/Personal ProtectionBack to Contents
【Personal Protection】

Eyes: Wear appropriate protective eyeglasses or chemical safety goggles as described by OSHA's eye and face protection regulations in 29 CFR 1910.133 or European Standard EN166. Skin: Wear appropriate protective gloves to prevent skin exposure. Clothing: Wear appropriate protective clothing to prevent skin exposure.

Follow the OSHA respirator regulations found in 29CFR 1910.134 or European Standard EN 149. Always use a NIOSH or European Standard EN 149 approved respirator when necessary.
【Exposure Effects】

Repeated exposure may cause allergic respiratory reaction (asthma). Chronic inhalation may lead to decreased pulmonary function.
【Poison Class】

Fire Fighting MeasuresBack to Contents
【Flash Point】

【Fire Fighting】

Fires involving this material can be controlled with a dry chemical, carbon dioxide or Halon extinguisher. A water spray may also be used.
【Fire Potential】

This material is probably combustible.
Accidental Release MeasuresBack to Contents
【Small spills/leaks】

Vacuum or sweep up material and place into a suitable disposal container. Reduce airborne dust and prevent scattering by moistening with water. Clean up spills immediately, using the appropriate protective equipment.
Stability and ReactivityBack to Contents

Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.

Strong oxidizing agents.

Carbon monoxide, oxides of sulfur, carbon dioxide.
Transport InformationBack to Contents
【HS Code】

2920 90 10
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