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Ziconotide acetate(107452-89-1)

Ziconotide acetate(107452-89-1)
Product IdentificationBack to Contents
【Product Name】

Ziconotide acetate

omega-Conopeptide MVIIA (Conus)
omega-Conotoxin M VIIA


【Molecular Weight】


Physical and Chemical PropertiesBack to Contents

White to off-white powder. Odorless.
【Solubility in water】

Slihtly soluble

Ligand for binding studies of voltage sensitive calcium channels.
First Aid MeasuresBack to Contents

If swallowed, give large quantities of water to drink and get medical attention immediately. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen.

Wash exposed area with soap and water. Get medical advice if irritation develops.

Wash thoroughly with running water. Get medical advice if irritation develops.
Handling and StorageBack to Contents

Store at or below -20C (Deep Freeze) in a desiccated environment and protected from light. Always take precautions to avoid creating airborne dust or mists. Powdered material should be handled under hooded ventilation.
Hazards IdentificationBack to Contents

Inhalation of dust may produce an allergic reaction. The risk of allergic sensitization increases with repeated direct exposure.

No information found, but skin contact may produce an allergic reaction. The risk of allergic sensitization increases with repeated direct exposure. Ziconotide has potent pharmacological activity and is classified as an OEB-3* material.

Ingestion may produce an allergic reaction. May cause central nervous system effects similar to those from therapeutic doses.
Exposure Controls/Personal ProtectionBack to Contents
【Personal Protection】

Wear appropriate gloves; lab coat, nylon coveralls or disposable Tyvek suit; safety glasses, safety shoes, and disposable booties. Safety glasses. Maintain eye wash fountain and quick-drench facilities in work area.

An air-purifying respirator (P95 or other type providing a higher level of protection) should be worn by all personnel in the immediate area in cases where non-ventilated containment is used, where significant amounts of material (e.g., more than 2 grams) are used, or where the material may become airborne (as through grinding, etc.). If using a ventilated enclosure that has not been validated, wear a half-mask respirator equipped with HEPA cartridges until the enclosure is validated for use.
【Exposure Effects】

Repeated contact can cause sensitization and potentially significant reactions to very small exposures. Persons with prior hypersensitivity to ziconotide should avoid exposures. May have additive central nervous system effects with alcohol or other CNS depressants consumed before or after exposure.
Fire Fighting MeasuresBack to Contents
【Fire Fighting】

Use any means suitable for extinguishing surrounding fire. In the event of a fire, wear full protective clothing and NIOSH-approved self-contained breathing apparatus with full facepiece operated in the pressure demand or other positive pressure mode. Follow handling guidance appropriate for OEB-3 potent compounds.
【Fire Potential】

Not considered to be a fire hazard.
Accidental Release MeasuresBack to Contents
【Small spills/leaks】

Pick up and place in a suitable container for reclamation or disposal, using a method that does not generate dust.
Stability and ReactivityBack to Contents

Stable under ordinary conditions of use and storage.
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