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Yancheng Chemhome Chemical Co., Ltd 86-0515-83301301 China
Beijing IAN Heterocycle Co., Ltd 8613520200903 China
Shanghai Chihon Biotechnology Co., Ltd 0371-67621630 China
Yunnan Chemicals Import and Export Corporation 0871-3321902 China
Hangzhou Riwa Chemical Co., Ltd 0571-22851232 China
Zibo Shengma Chemical Co., Ltd 86-533-3884771 China
Wanda Group Share Co., Ltd 0546-8745908 China
Hefei Jiankun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd +86 551 2361108 China
Changzhou Comwin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd 0519-86619955 China
Wuxi Cidic Co., Ltd 0086-510-82303030 China
China Gateway Pharma Products Limited 86-21-51323316 China
Taizhou Creating Chemical Co., Ltd 576-88827176 China
Essenchem Chemical Co., Ltd 025-52705499 China
Changzhou Xinbei Feida Assistant Factory 0566-8171228 China
Suzhou ChangTong Chemicals Co., Ltd 0512-68293660 China
Langfang Longquan Flux Co., Ltd 0316-6620139;0316-6620150; China
Shifang Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd 0838-8320799 China
Changzhou Linxin Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd 0519-5038786,5030786 China
No. 3 Haicheng Chemical Factory 0086-412-3554003 China
Changzhou Ruiming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0519-85095533 China
Yancheng Longgang Perfume Chemical Factory 0086-515-88701580 88704888 China
Ningbo Longxin Fine (Dexin Dyestuff) Chemical Co., Ltd +86-574-86505668 China
Hangzhou Chem4s Chemical Co., Ltd +86-571-8882-3979 China
Hubei Fangtong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0714-3266823;0714-3266808; China
Xiantao Chutian Fine Chemical Factory 0728-4716628 China
China-Shandong Chemical and Trade Co., Ltd 86-533-2180196 13583340587 China
Nantong Chem-Tech.(Group) Co., Ltd 0086-513-85081108 85335860 Europe
Changzhou Idea-Works Medical Technology Co., Ltd 0519-83879978- China
Anhui Chizhou Changjiang Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd +86-566-4540016 China
Shaanxi Chonyu Import & Export Co., Ltd +86-29-88332231 88332232 China
Changzhou Ouhe Business Co.,Ltd (0)86-0519-5215127 China
Taizhou Baida Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0086-571-85215531,85215532 China
Hubei Chuyuan Group 0716-7226126 0716-7226468 China
Jinan Chenghui-Shuangda Chemical Co., Ltd 0531-58897055 China
Beijing China CSIMC Pharmchem Factory 86-10-65132610 China
Chunking Chemical Corp 86 025 84293584 84293845 China
Shandong Dadi Salt Chemical Group 0536-8892238 China
Hangzhou Chiral Medicine Chemicals Co., Ltd 0571-82623231;0571-82638910; China
Colorant Pigment Chemicals Co., Ltd 0571-82729978;0571-82779528; China
Changzhou Chemical Plant +86-519-85779790 China
Zhejiang Fanghua Daily Chemical Group Co., Ltd 0086-575-82730941 China
Zhejiang Jiande Jianye Organic Chemical Co., Ltd 86-0571-64149257 64738272 China
Changzhou United Chemical Co., Ltd 86-0519-85193679 China
Nanjing Carbonde Tech Co., Ltd 25-58573173- China
Shandong Zhongke Taidou Chemical Co., Ltd 0531-88682301 88682302 China
Wuhan Youji Industrial Co., Ltd 027-83429833 China
Wujiang Tuncun Pigment Plant 0512-63376218;0512-63372373; China
Jinan Chuancheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0531-88902485 China
Herochem Corporation 86-021-58796960 61851082 China
Zhejiang Grand Chembay Co., Ltd 86-574-87731342 China
Shandong Cynda Chemical Co., Ltd 86-531-88873317 88873370 China
Shandong Zouping Yikang Group Co., Ltd 0531-82318088 China
Shijiazhuang Changjia Chemical Factory +86-311-85758988 China
Citiwell Corporation Limited +86-755-28282168 / 81009987 China
Shanghai Chiral Chemistry Co., Ltd 021-34621844 China
Zaozhuang Chiral Pharmaceutical Chemicals Co., Ltd 0632-5192770 China
Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry 0813-7806042 China
G.H. Chem, Inc 86 411 8252 9658 China
Changzhou Jingde Chemical Co., Ltd 0519-8612339 China
Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd. 86-21-58998985 China
Beijing Comens Chemical Co., Ltd 010-81334710 China
Hutang Secondary Fine Chemical Plant 86-512-68249353 China
Dalian Huarui Chemical Industry Co., Ltd +86-411-82789585/82789586/82789587 China
Xiangtan Comate Chemical Industry Co., Ltd China
Shenyang Cenkey Chemical Co., Ltd 024-89615271-8602;024-89866796; China
Yichang Chuxinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-717-4162599 China
Chengdu Yason Co., Ltd 028-85483087 China
Shanghai Chemate Fine Chemicals Limited 86-21-61024511 China
Suzhou Chenghe Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd 0512-82787878 China
CIP Global Co., Ltd +86-531-88889499 China
Huaibei Bright All High-tech Biochemical Co., Ltd 0561-4082029 4082039 China
Wenzhou Harvest International Trading Co., Ltd China
Kaifeng Huaxing Chemical Factory 0378-3934448,3930430 China
Taizhou Nanfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0576-87820310 China
Shanghai Cheng Shun Goods & Material Co., Ltd 021-32010008 32010339 China
Shanghai C-Strong Co., Ltd 021-66021772 China
Shanghai Baoyu International Trade Co., Ltd China
China National Chemical Construction Ningbo Import & Export Company 0574-87307501 China
Ningbo Create Biological Project Co., Ltd 0574-86556117;0574-86556115; China
Suzhou Chontech Pharmachem Technology Co., Ltd 0512-63101022 China
Liaoyang Qingyang Chemical Products Co., Ltd. Meta-Cresol Factory 0086-419-3181069  0086-551-4528588 China
Shandong Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd Europe
Baoji Hongyuan Bio-Technology Co., Ltd 029-82200997-808 China
Chedom Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 024-42521668 China
Sichuan Chenghong Phosph-Chemical Co., Ltd 86-028-37496389 China
Tainxing Changhua International Trade Co., Ltd 0086-0523-7612022 China
Shenyang Funing Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd 86-024-89769506 China
Shaanxi Shengda Mining Co., Ltd 0086-29-88365160 China
ChinaTech Peptide (Suzhou) Co., Ltd 86-0512-6687 9026 China
Jiangsu Yinhe Agrochemical Co., Ltd 0519-88850291 China
Wuhan Keensun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd 86-27-62609476 China
Ningbo Chemchen Bio-tech Co., Ltd 0574-86585857 China
Qufu Chenguang Chemical Co., Ltd 0537-4409155 China
Sichuan Jiangyuan Natural Products Co., Ltd +86-13183886187 China
Zhejiang Charioteer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 86-021-68471082 68471083 China
Qingdao Huachen Chemical Corporation (86)0532-82964285,82896132 HUACHEN@CHINACHEMQD.COM China
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Shanghai Chengyu Biological Technology Co., Ltd China
Wuhan Xinjing Chemical Co., Ltd 027-83496449 China
Lianyungang Cca Chemical Co., Ltd 0518-83377778 China
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