Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
East China University of Technology Huachang Polymers Ltd. 021-64253887 China
Baixiang County Hong-yuan offer limited liability company 0319-3712666 China
Henan Normal University Medical Research Institute of Chemical 0373-3326431 China
Xinxiang City Hang Fai Biochemical Technology Ltd. 0373-2688290 2688293 China
Fine Chemical Co. lamps Mount 0533-4204000 13054895139 China
Shouguang City Hengtong Chemical Co. 0536-5524777 China
Dongguan City estate agents Ltd. 0769-88229699 China
China - South Korea joint venture Haining TIAN Long Biotechnology Ltd. 0573-87278078 13906737057 China
Nanjing Chemical unity limited liability company 025-86625978 nd@ndchem.comm China
HSBC chemical plant in Wujiang City 0512-63785141 China
Fu Hao Zibo synthetic resin Ltd. 0533-5171205 China
Sichuan Zigong Honghe Chemical Co., Ltd. +86-813-4662900 China
Suzhou Highfine Biotech Co.,Ltd. 0512-68071238 China
Zibo City Linzi Heng Li Additives Ltd. 13583335421 China
Huludao City Longganggou far-chemical plant 0429-2569999 2568999 China
Hunan Branch Source Technology Industries Limited 0731-84729138 82485158 China
County of Henan Province Oriental Chemical Co. 0392-7284988 China
Trade Limited Hunan Fuson 86-731-84727275 84736087 China
Henan Jinshan Chemical Co. 0391-8192921-3104 8192831 China
Jiyuan, Henan Province Materials Limited Memec 15039192180 China
Xinzheng City Wing Hing Industrial and Trade Company 0391-6603986 China
Wang Haining City in Zhejiang Province into chemical agents Ltd. 86-573-87933117 13806709628 China
Baoying County, Jiangsu Province chemical additives plant 0514-88223925 13852765566 China
Shanghai Frame Chemical Co. 021-59588367 China
Yancheng Hong-tai Biological Engineering Limited 0515-86111688 China
Anhui Tongling City Global Mining Limited Liability Company 8291632 China
Stem Trade and Industry Limited, Shaanxi 86-913-4741388 013909138568 China
Sea - Sichuan Chemical Co. 028-85915884 13608023465 China
Yancheng China and Germany Biological Engineering Company Limited (formerly Yancheng failed Biological Chemical Co.) 0515-86512888 China
Suzhou City, Vietnam catalyst Limited (chemical plant in Suzhou City Dongzhu) 0512-66956556 China
Three-fu Zibo Chemical Limited (formerly Shandong Boshan Auxiliaries Plant) 0086-533-4567777 4568888 4567999 China
Bio-chemical plants around the city of Shijiazhuang City 86-0311-87675588 87675688 China
Guangzhou City Naganobu Chemical Co. 020-89048311 89048322 China
Puyang Universal Chemical Co. 0393-4603888 3579888 China
Shanghai metamorphic Chemical Co. (Rugao City Huarui reagent plant) 021-56039560 China
Wuxi City Hua-sheng chemical additives plant 0510-83208255 China
Taian Warwick disinfectant Ltd. 0538-6992080 China
Shanghai Hua Yi cooperation Plastics Additives Company (Shanghai Hua Yi Chemical Additives Limited) 021-52520719 32270966 China
Linhai City Duqi Fine Chemical Factory (Jiangsu Province coastal Hua-ying Fine Chemicals Limited) 0515-84383505 4383271 China
Hao of Shanghai Chemical Co. 0415-5125727 6562726 China
Gansu silver Butch Chemical Co. 86-943-6126888 6121775 China
Zibo Chemical limited liability company UPDATE 86-533-298115713853369616 China
Nylon Ltd. Jiangsu Huayang 0513-88469016 China
Heze success Chemical Co. 0530-6661231 China
Yixing City Gaocheng Additives Co. Ltd. 0571-86015501 China
Hangzhou Honghai Industry and Trade Ltd. 0571-28031632 China
Hangzhou constant trade Chemical Co. 86-571-28805788 28805811 China
Hangzhou Jie Chemical Co. 86-571-85870023 85183235 China
Hangzhou Bi silicone Limited (formerly West Lake, Hangzhou Silicone Plant) 86-571-88131356 13805728530 China
Hampford Research (203) 375-1137 United States
ANSHAN HIFI CHEMICALS CO., LTD. 0412-8386888 China
Nanjing HBL International Co.,Ltd. 025-58390038 China
Hongene Biotech Corporation 021-64757213 China
Henan Hongye Chemical Co.,LTD 0393-8689388 China
Honest Joy Holdings Limited 86-021-53240066 China
Shanghai Heng odd instrumentation Ltd. 021-51693889 China
Honest Joy Holdings Limited 0510-87571128 15358971721 China
Beijing Hassanal Technology Limited Liability Company 010-8293620852266225 China
Hubble Shanghai Chemical Technology Ltd. 021-57687009 57687011 57687002 China
HengMao Ltd. (02) 2361-0011 China
Liaoyang City Council blessing chemical plant 0419-2855055 2576000 China
Zigong HongHe pharmaceutical limited liability companies 86 0813 4665346 China
Hainan Flying Electronic Technology Ltd. 0371-69876566 China
Yancheng Huaou Industries Limited 0515 88710023 18205115636 China
Yancheng Huaou Industries Limited 0515-8706561 8706013 13705103586 China
Taicang LuTaiWeidong chemical plant 0512-5310327253106591 China
Haikou Winbond Chemical Co. +86- 898 -68537282 / 68538997 China
Yancheng-China camp chemical limited liability company 0086-515-88815858 China
Zhangjiagang City Huayuan Chemical Co. 0512-58686806 China
Hangzhou Jiangnan Chemical Co. +86-571-86627788 86628000 China
Hopegen Biotechnology Development Enterprise +886-4-2407-3270 China
Beijing HuaMeiHuLiBiological Chemical 010-56205725 China
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