Zhangjiagang City Feiyu Chemical Co., Ltd.(The Anti-Corrosion Material Factory, Zhangjiagang City Feiyu Co.)

Firmenname:Zhangjiagang City Feiyu Chemical Co., Ltd.(The Anti-Corrosion Material Factory, Zhangjiagang City Feiyu Co.)
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Weather resistant color coating
Polypropylene pipe inner wall coating
Epoxy anticorrosive paint
Chlorinated rubber coating
Corrosion resistant epoxy floor
Pool special coating
Acrylic polyurethane anticorrosive coating
Anticorrosive coating,high temperature resistant
Zinc-rich paint
Sodium acetateNatriumacetat127-09-3C2H3NaO2
Triethyl phosphateTriethylphosphat78-40-0C6H15O4P
Self-leveling epoxy mortar floor
Polyethylene Polyurethane IPN anticorrosive paint
Heat resistant coatings
Phosphine chlorideClH2P
Epoxy floor
Epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosive coating
Epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint
Anti-static flat coating epoxy mortar floor
epoxy resin coatings
Acrylic anticorrosive coating
Silicone-acrylic anti-corrosion coating
Epoxy self-leveling floor coatingO**
Epoxy zinc-rich coating
Epoxy heavy anti-corrosion coatingO**
Phosphorus oxychloridePhosphorylchlorid10025-87-3Cl3OP
Epoxy zinc rich primer
epoxy-(coal)tar coatings
Acrylic self-drying hammer paint anti-corrosion coating
Epoxy vinyl floor
Anticorrosion paint for cesspool
Color protection coating
Special coating for anti-corrosion of drinking water equipment
Epoxy coatingO**
Epoxy mortar floor
High chlorinated polyethylene anticorrosive coating
Epoxy asphalt anticorrosive coating
Pipeline anti-corrosion coating
Polyurethane coating
Epoxy floor coating
Chlorinated rubber anticorrosive coating
Epoxy coating of terraceO**
Epoxy floor
Natural gas buried pipeline heavy anti-corrosion coating
Oil storage tank anti-corrosion coating
5-Chloro-2-hydroxybenzoic acid5-Chlorsalicylsäure321-14-2C7H5ClO3
Micaceous iron epoxy coating
Phosphorus pentoxideDiphosphorpentaoxid1314-56-3O5P2
Cyanide anticorrosive coating
chlorosulfonated polyethylene anti-corrosive paint
Anti-static topcoat for metal tank inner wall
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