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Zhangjiagang City Feiyu Chemical Co., Ltd.(The Anti-Corrosion Material Factory, Zhangjiagang City Feiyu Co.) 企業の連絡先情報

名前:Zhangjiagang City Feiyu Chemical Co., Ltd.(The Anti-Corrosion Material Factory, Zhangjiagang City Feiyu Co.)


Anticorrosive coating,high temperature resistant
Epoxy zinc rich primer
Epoxy self-leveling floor coatingO**
Pool special coating
Anticorrosion paint for cesspool
Natural gas buried pipeline heavy anti-corrosion coating
Epoxy floor
Chlorinated rubber anticorrosive coating
Anti-static flat coating epoxy mortar floor
Self-leveling epoxy mortar floor
Acrylic polyurethane anticorrosive coating
Heat resistant coatings
Polypropylene pipe inner wall coating
Zinc-rich paint
Special coating for anti-corrosion of drinking water equipment
Epoxy anticorrosive paint
Epoxy mortar floor
Sodium acetate酢酸ナトリウム127-09-3C2H3NaO2
Oil storage tank anti-corrosion coating
Pipeline anti-corrosion coating
Triethyl phosphateりん酸 トリエチル78-40-0C6H15O4P
Epoxy vinyl floor
High chlorinated polyethylene anticorrosive coating
Cyanide anticorrosive coating
Corrosion resistant epoxy floor
Epoxy coating of terraceO**
Polyurethane coating
Color protection coating
epoxy-(coal)tar coatings
Micaceous iron epoxy coating
Epoxy zinc-rich coating
Epoxy heavy anti-corrosion coatingO**
p-Anisaldehydep-アニスアルデヒド (エタノール溶液)123-11-5C8H8O2
epoxy resin coatings
5-Chloro-2-hydroxybenzoic acid5-クロロサリチル酸321-14-2C7H5ClO3
Epoxy asphalt anticorrosive coating
Phosphorus oxychlorideりんトリクロリドオキシド10025-87-3Cl3OP
Phosphine chlorideClH2P
Epoxy coatingO**
Polyethylene Polyurethane IPN anticorrosive paint
Epoxy floor coating
Epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint
Weather resistant color coating
Epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosive coating
Chlorinated rubber coating
chlorosulfonated polyethylene anti-corrosive paint
Acrylic self-drying hammer paint anti-corrosion coating
Epoxy floor
Acrylic anticorrosive coating
Silicone-acrylic anti-corrosion coating
Anti-static topcoat for metal tank inner wall
Phosphorus pentoxide酸化りん(V) [一般有機合成用]1314-56-3O5P2
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