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Yixing City, China Chemical Materials Plant 企業の連絡先情報

名前:Yixing City, China Chemical Materials Plant


Chlorinated rubber primer
Polyurethane plastic
Pool special coating
Fireproof coating
Special anti-corrosion coating for gas cabinet
High wear-resistant clean floor coating
Elastic coating
Exterior wall coating
Acrylic interior wall coating[C3H3O2R]n
One-component polyurethane waterproof coating
Waterproof coating
Cement based waterproof coating
Interior and exterior wall coating
Exterior wall anti-porcelain coating
Environmentally friendly waterborne floor coating
latex paint
Polyurethane waterproof material
Water-based epoxy terrace coating
Water-based fire retardant paint
Acrylic composite coating
Heat resistant coatings
Color waterproof coating,ageing resistance and high elasticity
Coating type Epoxy Floor Coatings
Non-tar polyurethane waterproof coating
Water-based sealing primer
Thick paste anticorrosive coating
Industrial terrace coating
Weather resistant fluorocarbon coating
Acrylic latex paint for interior wall
Acrylic latex paint for exterior wall
Porcelain-like coating
Corrosion resistant paint
Non-fire anti-static wear-resistant floor coating
Electrostatic coating
Water-based wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant epoxy coating
Polymer cement waterproof coating
Concrete dustproofing agent
Flame retardant conductive static insulation cooling oil resistant anticorrosive material
Concrete hardener
Anti-static coating of terrace
Building exterior paint
Polyester powder coating
Fluoro-carbon paint
Thin coating epoxy floor coating
Self-leveling epoxy mortar floor coating
Epoxy self-leveling floor coatingO**
Epoxy zinc-rich coating
Chlorinated rubber topcoat
Heavy anticorrosive terrace coating
Silk top-coat
Architectural coating
Coating for floor
epoxy-(coal)tar coatings
Water-soluble polyurethane plugging agent HX-128
Wall paint instead of rock material
Polyurethane water-proof coating
Bridge deck waterproof coating
Acrylic flexible waterproof coating
Chlorinated rubber coating
Amino fire retardant coating
Outdoor special floor coating
HX-991 one-component polyurethane waterproof coating
Floor coating
Exterior wall imitation porcelain coating
Silicon-acrylic compound coating
Waterborne silicone-acrylic exterior wall coating
Epoxy anticorrosive coating
Waterproof coating
Epoxy powder coatingO**
Polyurethane exterior paint
Epoxy iron red primer
Polyurethane coating
Polyurethane water-proof and anticorrosive coating
Epoxy floor coating
High temperature coating
Colored seamless metal orthopedic wear-resistant floor material
Color seamless special mineral aggregate wear-resistant floor material
Sealing primer
Epoxy coating of terraceO**
All weather Chinese paint
Polyvinyl fluoride coating
Colorful elastic waterproof coating
Epoxy self-flowing floor materialO**
Anti-static wear-resistant floor coating
HX-951 color elastic waterproof coating
Dustproof and waterproof coating additive
Micaceous iron epoxy coating
Liquid cold construction waterproof material
Special anticorrosive coating
HX-PU-8A anti-corrosion coating
Anticorrosive coating
Coil coating
Elastic exterior paint
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