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Yixing City, China Chemical Materials Plant 회사는 제품 목록을 제공합니다.

회사 명:Yixing City, China Chemical Materials Plant
총 제품 수:96

제품 카탈로그

Color waterproof coating,ageing resistance and high elasticity
Epoxy zinc-rich coating
Non-tar polyurethane waterproof coating
Colorful elastic waterproof coating
Epoxy coating of terraceO**
Self-leveling epoxy mortar floor coating
Thin coating epoxy floor coating
Dustproof and waterproof coating additive
Cement based waterproof coating
Polyurethane water-proof and anticorrosive coating
Colored seamless metal orthopedic wear-resistant floor material
Epoxy iron red primer
latex paint
Acrylic latex paint for interior wall
Silicon-acrylic compound coating
Epoxy anticorrosive coating
Epoxy floor coating
Weather resistant fluorocarbon coating
Acrylic latex paint for exterior wall
Water-soluble polyurethane plugging agent HX-128
Liquid cold construction waterproof material
Coating type Epoxy Floor Coatings
Flame retardant conductive static insulation cooling oil resistant anticorrosive material
Waterborne silicone-acrylic exterior wall coating
Color seamless special mineral aggregate wear-resistant floor material
One-component polyurethane waterproof coating
Bridge deck waterproof coating
Acrylic interior wall coating[C3H3O2R]n
Polyurethane exterior paint
Concrete hardener
High temperature coating
Chlorinated rubber primer
Water-based sealing primer
Epoxy self-leveling floor coatingO**
Acrylic composite coating
Wall paint instead of rock material
Polyurethane waterproof material
Polyvinyl fluoride coating
Epoxy self-flowing floor materialO**
Water-based wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant epoxy coating
Chlorinated rubber coating
Fluoro-carbon paint
Water-based epoxy terrace coating
Amino fire retardant coating
Micaceous iron epoxy coating
Water-based fire retardant paint
All weather Chinese paint
Waterproof coating
Polymer cement waterproof coating
Epoxy powder coatingO**
Polyurethane water-proof coating
epoxy-(coal)tar coatings
Electrostatic coating
Pool special coating
Polyurethane coating
Heat resistant coatings
Polyurethane plastic
Waterproof coating
Polyester powder coating
Chlorinated rubber topcoat
Concrete dustproofing agent
Acrylic flexible waterproof coating
Coating for floor
HX-991 one-component polyurethane waterproof coating
Fireproof coating
Sealing primer
HX-PU-8A anti-corrosion coating
High wear-resistant clean floor coating
Elastic coating
Floor coating
Porcelain-like coating
Anti-static coating of terrace
Industrial terrace coating
Anticorrosive coating
Anti-static wear-resistant floor coating
Coil coating
Exterior wall anti-porcelain coating
Thick paste anticorrosive coating
Building exterior paint
Interior and exterior wall coating
Architectural coating
Special anti-corrosion coating for gas cabinet
Corrosion resistant paint
Outdoor special floor coating
Exterior wall imitation porcelain coating
HX-951 color elastic waterproof coating
Silk top-coat
Non-fire anti-static wear-resistant floor coating
Elastic exterior paint
Environmentally friendly waterborne floor coating
Special anticorrosive coating
Exterior wall coating
Heavy anticorrosive terrace coating
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