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山东阳光颜料有限公司 Company Information

Company Name:    Shandong Sunshine Pigment Co., Ltd
Tel:    15064701629
Nationality:    China
Product List:    217
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Product List
3-Hydroxy-N-(3-nitrophenyl)-2-naphthalenecarboxamide 135-65-9
Phenol AAA
Deinking agent
Pigment Geen 7 1328-53-6
Everlasting Red 3005
Yellow F7G
Red brown F2R
Pigment Fast Yellow 3G
Toilet paper dispersant
Blush E-FIFR
Jujube FR2B
Fluorescent Baolan
Yellow brown E-FRL
Sturdy red and green lotus
Pink FRB
Green FB
Fluorescent orange
Water quality stabilizer
Pigment Permanent Red RB
softening agent HC
Hansa Yellow 5G
Golden light red CO
Pigment Red 8 6410-30-6
Pigment Yellow 12 5102-83-0
Pigment Lithol Rubine 6B
Multi-paper enhancer JNPAM
Green E-FB
Plastic lemon yellow 6G
Self-crossing printing adhesive JN-920
Navy blue FGN
Permanent Yellow HRW
Pigment Yellow 5 4106-67-6
Princess red fluorescence
Pigment Orange 13 3520-72-7
Copper(II) phthalocyanine 147-14-8
White E-FTW
Fast Yellow G 2512-29-0
Zhonghuang E-FG
Polydimethylsiloxane, dihydroxy terminated 70131-67-8
Naphthol AS 92-77-3
stabilizer of hydrogen peroxide
Red powder 222K
Bronze Red
Qinglian E-FIFR
Machine printing adhesive JN-930
Pigment Lithol Rubine 6BO
Toluidine purple red 572
Fluorescent lemon yellow
Orange Red FGRN
Pigment Benzidine Yellow GW
Naphthol AS-D 135-61-5
Naphthol AS-E 92-78-4
Multi-paper enhancer
Permanent Violet RL 6358-30-1
Benzidine Yellow 1138
Pink E-FRB
Pigment Red 12 6410-32-8
Pigment Fast Scarlet G
Sturdy red GB
Yong Gu Huang GO
Toluidine purple red 1302
Red Brown E-F2R
3-Hydroxy-4-[(2-methyl-5-nitrophenyl)azo]-N-(2-methylphenyl)-2-naphthalenecarboxamide 6655-84-1
Efficient scouring agent JN-94
Fluorescent green
Brilliant Blue FBL
Black FBRN
Adhesive for coating
Blue gray FFB
Fuchsia F2R
Purple red 591
Benzidine yellow 1003
Self-crossing printing adhesive JN-910
Orange Red E-FGRN
Antioxidant B
Permanent Orange GC
Orange FGR
Golden E-FGR
Bright yellow FG
Softener JS-G
Pigment Lithol Rubine 4B
Hansha Yellow 3G
Yanlan E-FBL
Orange E-FGR
Toluidine purple red 3172
Bright yellow E-F7G
Lisol Baohong 6BW
Hansha Huang 1001
Blush FIFR
Turquoise FGB
Red powder 5203
Fluorescent red lotus
Jin Guanghong 101
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