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Hangzhou MolCore BioPharmatech Co.,Ltd.
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MolCore specialized in the developing, production and marketing of the raw material for medicine, pharmaceutical intermediates, and fine chemical products. Now our main business scope includes CRO, CDMO, process development and customized synthesis service. Our mission is to accelerate for your process through our continuous technological innovation. We have professional team with young, experienced and enthusiasm members, who are the great talents in this industry. We are also equipped with advanced experimental facilities as well as leading developing technology of the new medicine. We always insist the combination of the production , researching and developing since the company was founded. We develop new products with many domestic famous university and laboratories. Meanwhile, we have a close cooperation with several international well-known enterprises to expanding gradually our raw material medicine business to overseas market. We provide professional service and technology; We help our customer with a personalized purchasing solution in a whole package.

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