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      Handan Zhengle Biological Technology Co., Ltd .who registered capital of 10 million yuan, nearly to $2 million, we have a pharmaceutical raw materials factory production of pharmaceutical raw materials, and a reagent r&d center, and we do research and development production of reagent tens of thousands of species. Our company is honored as the high-tech enterprise which engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting research chemicals,advanced pharmaceutical intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), include kinds of research chemicals, We have own labs to do research,we provide many kinds of research chemicals. We have established a broad customer base in America, Australia,Russia and other European countries, We have built many long business relationship with our customers. We base our goods with all our power so it will definitely meet and surpass every buyer's highest expectations. We guarantee that after purchasing from us , you will never look anywhere else again!
Product Name MF CAS Details
2-(2-Aminoethylamino)ethanol C4H12N2O 111-41-1 Details
2, 3-Pentanedione C5H8O2 600-14-6 Details
2-Octanone C7H10O3 106-91-2 Details
3-oxo-2-phenylbutanoic acid C10H10O3 4433-88-9 Details
Alfa-Methyl-D-Galactoside C7H14O6 93302-26-2 Details
Astaxanthin Oleoresin Details
bone glue C102H151O39N31 Details
Cinnamaldehyde C9H8O 104-55-2 Details
Citrus Aurantium Tachibana Peel Extract Details
Cooling Agent Ws23 C10H21NO 51115-67-4 Details
Daptomycin C72H101N17O26 103060-53-3 Details
Diphenyl sulfone C12H10O2S 127-63-9 Details
Food Additive Hvp Details
Hesperetin C16H14O6 520-33-2 Details
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein 100209-45-8 Details
L-Arabinose C5H10O5 5328-37-0 Details
Metronidazole C6H9N3O3 443-48-1 Details
Monascus Red Extracts Details
Phytic Acid C6H18O24P6 83-86-3 Details
p-Phenylenediamine C6H8N2 106-50-3 Details
Pulullan Details
Red Radish Extracts Details
Sodium edetate C10H12N2Na4O8 64-02-8 Details
Sodium pyruvate C3H3NaO3 113-24-6 Details
Titanium Dioxide O2Ti 1317-80-2 Details
Ulipristal C30H37NO4 126784-99-4 Details
(E,E)-Farnesol C15H26O 106-28-5 Details
2-Deoxy-D-glucose C6H12O5 154-17-6 Details
2-Methyl butyric acid C5H10O2 116-53-0 Details
2-Undecanone C11H22O 112-12-9 Details
4-Aminophenylacetonitrile C7H6N2 873-74-5 Details
4'-Methoxyacetophenone C9H10O2 100-06-1 Details
alcium bis(2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)butyrate C10H18CaO6S2 4857-44-7 Details
Astaxanthin C40H52O4 472-61-7 Details
BOC-PYR-OET C12H19NO5 144978-12-1 Details
Butyric acid C4H8O2 107-92-6 Details
Carboxymethyl cellulose C6H7O2(OH)2CH2COONa 9004-32-4 Details
Chlorophyllin copper sodium C34H29CuN4Na3O6 11006-34-1 Details
D-Alanine C3H7NO2 338-69-2 Details
Dilauryl thiodipropionate C30H58O4S 123-28-4 Details
Ethyl caprylate C10H20O2 106-32-1 Details
Glutathione(GSH) C10H17N3O6S 70-18-8 Details
Glyceryl monooleate C21H40O4 111-03-5 Details
isooctyl oleate C26H50O2 26761-50-2 Details
kojic acid C6H6O4 501-30-4 Details
Lactose C12H24O12 10039-26-6 Details
Methyl Beta Cyclodextrin C48H80O40 17465-86-0 Details
m-Phenylenediamine(MPD) C6H8N2 108-45-2 Details
Polyaluminium Chloride AlClHO 1327-41-9 Details
Sulfobutylether Beta Cyclodextrin C42H70O35 182410-00-0 Details
zinc dibenzoate C7H6O2Zn 553-72-0 Details
Sodium Picosulfate C18H13NO8S2.2Na 10040-45-6 Details
BMK Glycidate C11H12O3 16648-44-5 Details
Glyceryl Monostearate/Monoglyceride/MG Details
Potassium Lactate C3H5KO3 996-31-6 Details
BOC-D-ARG(TOS)-OH ETOAC C22H36N4O8S 114622-81-0 Details
Vanillin isobutyrate C12H14O4 20665-85-4 Details
Glycine? C14H19NO 91-53-2 Details
Saccharin sodium salt dihydrate C7H8NNaO4S 6155-57-3 Details
Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol? C5H10O2 97-99-4 Details
3-Indolebutyric acid C12H13NO2 133-32-4 Details
1-Nitropropane C3H7NO2 108-03-2 Details
MOLECULAR SIEVES Al2Ca2O15Si5 1327-39-5 Details
ammonium propionate C3H9NO2 17496-08-1 Details
D-Phenylalanine C9H11NO2 673-06-3 Details
Aprepitant C23H21F7N4O3 170729-80-3 Details
Magnesium carbonate CMgO3 13717-00-5 Details
Aspartic acid C4H7NO4 56-84-8 Details
maltose? C12H22O11 69-79-4 Details
Peppermint oil? 68917-18-0 Details
peppmint oil dmo 8006-90-4 Details
D-Tartaric acid? C4H6O6 147-71-7 Details
Quartz O2Si 14808-60-7 Details
Resveratrol C14H12O3 501-36-0 Details
Tetramethylene sulfone C4H8O2S 126-33-0 Details
Anethole C10H12O 104-46-1 Details
Sodium toluenesulphonate C7H7NaO3S 12068-03-0 Details
Sodium p-toluenesulfonate C7H7NaO3S 657-84-1 Details
Genistein C15H10O5 446-72-0 Details
Motherwort extract C14H21N3O5 7097-09-8 Details
L-alpha-Terpineol netural C10H18O 8000-41-7 Details
ammonium formate CH5NO2 540-69-2 Details
Calcium chloride dihydrate CaCl2H4O2 10035-04-8 Details
Maltol C6H6O3 118-71-8 Details
Calcium 3-methyl-2-oxopentanoate C12H22CaO8 332927-05-6 Details
a-Ketovaline Calcium C10H14CaO6 51828-94-5 Details
Higenamine HCl C16H18ClNO3 11041-94-4 Details
Calcium Gluconate C12H22CaO14 299-28-5 Details
Methyl 2-furoate C6H6O3 611-13-2 Details
DL-Phenylalanine C9H11NO2 150-30-1 Details
L-Lysine C6H14N2O2 56-87-1 Details
Ethylparaben C9H10O3 120-47-8 Details
Malt Extract 8002-48-0 Details
L-Serine C3H7NO3 56-45-1 Details
Vitamin B6 C10H16N2O3S 8059-24-3 Details
VITAMIN A C20H30O 68-26-8 Details
2-Bromo-2-nitropropan-1,3-diol/Bronopol C3H6BrNO4 52-51-7 Details
DL-Alanine C3H7NO2 302-72-7 Details
L-Methionine C5H11NO2S 63-68-3 Details
Sucrose Stearate C30H56O12 25168-73-4 Details
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