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       Shanghai Yudiao Chemistry Technology Co.,Ltd. located in Jinshan, Shanghai. we are egaged inresearching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of New Pharmaceuticaland Advanced Intermediates, as well as Advanced Technology Services. We have advantage for multi-step synthesis technology. we are special at developing drug for Anti-HIV Series 、Anti-HBV Series、Anti-HCV Series、Anti-Leuk Series、Anti-Tum Series els. we also have nice experience at refining separation and impurity control. till now, we have succeeded in researching and developingabout ten API projects, and now there are about five new projects in process. We will make persistent efforts, providing excellent services to our customers, perfecting R&D condition, as well as enlarging business service range. We believe yudiaochem will be New Star in near future with your kind support and our mutual efforts.

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