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Qingdao Kaimoisi Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. has modern factory, workshops and logistics warehouse facilities, equipped with advanced production equipment and testing instruments, integrating research, development, production and sales. The product range includes pharmaceuticals, food/feed additives, pesticides, dyes, various intermediates, and fine chemicals.With several years of hard work, we have established stable and friendly business contacts with dozens of European and American pharmaceutical companies, multinational chemical companies and importers. Established long-term commissioned processing and production relations with many production plants and R&D units at home and abroad. If you are good at customizing chemicals and developing new products, please contact us and let us know the type of chemical reaction you are good at, the laboratory conditions you have, and we will select the right products to work with you according to your specific situation.

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Sales of chemical raw materials and products, business without storage facilities, flammable liquids, pressurized gases, oxidizing solids, substances and mixtures that emit flammable gases in contact with water, self-reactive substances and mixtures, chemicals endangering human health and the environment, please refer to the application form for specific product names. The above-mentioned does not include highly toxic chemicals, refined oils, pesticides for hazardous chemicals, urban gas and banned, restricted, monitored chemicals, food additives, agricultural and sideline products.

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