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Main products: 49851-31-2,123-75-1,phenacetin,xylazine,,benzocaine,procaine,lidocaine,tetracaine,5337-93-9,1009-14-9

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We are Mulei(Wuhan)NewMaterialTechnologyCo.Ltd. We are top rank supplier for ketone raw material, phenacetin,caine products. To us, Our Customers are priority Value beyond profit. we strive for continuous improvement in our service, dedicate to the delivery of highest quality products to the world, deeply commit to meeting the needs of our customers, constantly focus on customer satisfaction. We look forward to working together with our peer and friends from all over the world to create a new glorious future.

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General items: new building materials, food additives, pet feed, electronic products (excluding electronic publications), wujiaodian, water purification raw materials, waterproof raw materials, good medicine raw materials, pesticide raw materials.R & D, wholesale and retail of chemical raw materials (excluding dangerous chemicals), rubber and plastic materials, textiles: import and export of goods, import and export of technologies, import and export agency (excluding goods and technologies restricted or prohibited by the state) (Except for projects subject to approval according to law, independent business activities shall be carried out according to law with business licenses)

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