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Xian Tian Guangyuan Biotech Co., Ltd is specialized in the study, production and sale of API and Chemicalproducts, which are used indietary supplement, medical,food and cosmetic industries. There are several well-known experts and consultants working with us. We cooperate closely with a number of research institutes and universities. At the same time, we have formed a technology and management team which is multidisciplinary, comprehensive, specialized and professional. We take full advantage of natural resources that grow in Qinba Mountainous Area and Qinling Mountain and develop different kinds of quality products to meet the market demands.We have advanced extraction, separation, purification and drying equipment and advanced quality testing equipment, such as HPLC, GC, UV-UIS CE, etc. We have management personnel with expertise and technical personnel to implement scientific operating systems in production flow supervision, quality inspection and other aspects. We carry out modern ...

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API, Chemicals, Health care products, Cosmetic raw materials

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limited liability company


Australia United States United Kingdom Spain Saudi Arabia 

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