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ChemicalBook CAS DataBase List 2,5-Difluoro-4-nitrobenzoic acid

2,5-Difluoro-4-nitrobenzoic acid synthesis

5synthesis methods

Yield: 76%

Reaction Conditions:

with water;sodium hydroxide at 95;


1.4; 2.4 (4) Hydrolysis reaction:
Add 680 g of cyanide to the reaction vessel. 15% sodium hydroxide solution 340 g, Stir, heat, reflux at around 95, GC tracking until the reaction is over, slightly cold, Add hydrochloric acid under stirring to adjust the pH of the solution to about 1, slightly cold, Pour into ice water to precipitate a solid product, suction filtration, and dry. Obtained 518 g of a white solid. The content is more than 97%, and the yield is 76%.


Changzhou University;Chen Xingquan;Dong Yanmin CN109369412, 2019, A Location in patent:Paragraph 0009; 0012; 0013; 0016

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