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ChemicalBook CAS DataBase List 2-ethylhexyl hydrogen adipate

2-ethylhexyl hydrogen adipate synthesis

3synthesis methods

Yield: 46 %Chromat. , 49 %Chromat.

Reaction Conditions:

with hydrogenchloride in water for 4 h;Reflux;


10 (Example 9)Adipate bis (1-hexyl-4-ethyloctyl)Synthesis of (13)
Using the same apparatus as the esterification reaction of Example 1,Adipic acid (Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. reagent special grade) 65.6 g(449 mmol) and 220.0 g (907 mmol) of 10-ethyl-7-tetradecanol were heated at 210-220°The water produced in the reaction isRemoved from Dean-Stark trap tube.The reaction was carried out for 23 hours.The compound is treated in the same manner as in Example 5 to give compound (13)195.0 g (yield 73%) was obtained.The 1H-NMR spectrum of this compound isFigure 7Shown in.


Daisanksei Co Ltd;JNC C orporation;Urata, Yasuo;Isaka, Tetsuya;Shimada, Taichi JP6518815, 2019, B1 Location in patent:Paragraph 0099; 0100