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Basic Orange 2

CAS No.532-82-1
Chemical Name:Basic Orange 2
Molecular Formula:C12H13ClN4
Formula Weight:248.71
MOL File:532-82-1.mol
Basic Orange 2 Property
mp : 235 °C (dec.)(lit.)
storage temp. : 2-8°C
Merck : 13,2279
CAS DataBase Reference: 532-82-1(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry System: 1,3-Benzenediamine, 4-(phenylazo)-, monohydrochloride(532-82-1)
Hazard Codes : N,Xn
Risk Statements : 50/53-68-41-38-22
Safety Statements : 60-61-46-36/37/39-26-23
RIDADR : UN 3077 9/PG 3
WGK Germany : 2
RTECS : ST3380000
Hazardous Substances Data: 532-82-1(Hazardous Substances Data)

Basic Orange 2 Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

Chemical Properties
General Description
Red-brown powder, large black shiny crystals with a green luster or purple powder.
Air & Water Reactions
Azo dyes can be explosive when suspended in air at specific concentrations.Slightly soluble in water.
Reactivity Profile
Basic Orange 2 is an azo compound. Toxic gases are formed by mixing compounds containing azo groups with acids, aldehydes, amides, carbamates, cyanides, inorganic fluorides, halogenated organics, isocyanates, ketones, metals, nitrides, peroxides, phenols, epoxides, acyl halides, and strong oxidizing or reducing agents. Flammable gases are formed by mixing materials in this group with alkali metals. Explosive combination can occur with strong oxidizing agents, metal salts, peroxides, and sulfides. Basic Orange 2 is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
Fire Hazard
Flash point data for Basic Orange 2 are not available. Basic Orange 2 is probably combustible.
Basic Orange 2 Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materials
Sodium nitrite m-Phenylenediamine Potassium iodide statch paper
Preparation Products
EC Acid Yellow 23 Fast Scarlet RC Base Hyodeoxycholic acid Folic acid 1-Methoxy-2,4-dinitrobenzene AMIPROFOS METHYL dicadmium selenide sulphide 2-Amino-4-nitro anisidine Idebenone PHOSPHOMOLYBDIC ACID 5,7-Dichloro-8-hydroxyquinoline Nizatidine
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