Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil-Properties & Uses

Dec 4,2019

Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil(EHCO) is preferred over ethoxylated castor oil when higher oxidation stability, lighter color, less odor or higher melting point is required. Silver Fern Chemical is a distributor of specialty and industrial chemicals for small and large manufacturers.

The functional groups in the molecular structure of Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil determine that it can undergo a variety of chemical reactions and generate many derivative products, most of which are important fine chemicals. Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil is one of the derivatives of castor oil. Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil has stable performance and high melting point, and is widely used in cosmetics. The reaction product with the hydroxide file is a file-based lubricating oil, which is widely used in the aviation industry, automobile manufacturing, and mechanical processing industries, and has a large demand in domestic and foreign markets. In addition, Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil can be used as a base material for various chemical reactions or unit processing. Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil is prone to cracking, dehydration, phthalimation, sulfonation, halogenation, saponification, hydrolysis, epoxidation, and ethoxylation. This kind of chemical reaction has a wide range of applications[1].

Fig 1. Chemical structure formula and three-dimensional structure of Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil

Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil is a type of nonionic vegetable oil ethoxylate based on castor oil which is composed of traditional fatty acids like stearic acid but also the unique ricinoleic acid.

Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil acts as the emulsifier, solubilizers, anti-static agents, and lubricants in various market segments including home care, personal care, and agrochemicals.

Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil plays a role of thickening, hardening and slow-release in the preparation, so ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil is used as a thickener, hardener and slow-release agent, for the preparation of semi-solid preparations and solid preparations, such as ointments, suppositories, pills , Tablets,etc. In ointments, creams and suppositories, ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil is mainly used as a hardener for pastes to adjust the consistency of formulations; in oral preparations, ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil is mainly used to prepare sustained-release tablets and capsules, which can be used as coating films or to form solids The matrix plays the role of slow or controlled release; ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil can also be used as a lubricant for tablets and capsules to improve the fluidity of the particles[2].


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